The Dungeon Store [] is proud to offer a line of vegan friendly pleasure products and bondage gear.

The Bedroom Bondage Kit was designed for vegans who wanted the authentic fetish look without using animal products. Everything in the kit is designed to encourage exploration, without being too intimidating. The breathable ball gag ensures the sub is muffled while still allowing them to breathe easily. The sexy cuffs and collar are padded to ensure a chafe free and comfortable play session.

The vegan products may be cruelty free, but that doesn’t mean vegan tops have to be. The wicked little three-piece Pocket Impact Kit improves on the traditional crop with the Double Ended Stinger, the Pocket Devil’s Tongue for precision in tight spots, and the Pocket Viper with four commercial grade rubber tips. Also of note in the collection are the rubber slappers, diamond braided floggers, and the rubber Dragon Tail is known to have an extra special bite for those who love intense play.

The Dungeon Store is known for their excellent violet wand accessories, many of which are already vegan friendly, but the most shocking accessory of note is the conductive rope in colors reactive to black light. The rope not only makes an electrifying impression in the bedroom, but is stunning in the night clubs when used for rope corsets and decorative harnesses.

“We believe that all adults should have the opportunity to explore and discover their inner self without having to compromise their values,” says Anne Bryne, founder of The Dungeon Store. “Some items you expect to be vegan friendly, like our bondage rope and wood knives for sensory play, but we are also proud to offer products like the bedroom bondage kit, which has that sensual feel and erotic thrill, without the use of animal products.”

The Dungeon Store specializes in BDSM gear sourced and crafted by kink enthusiasts in the United States. Much of the floggers, bondage cuffs, violet wand accessories and conductive rope they feature are not available from other retail outlets.

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