(Note: This story appears in the June 2023 issue of SE Magazine

Gail’s Lingerie, an adult store operating out of the Deep South for nearly three decades, is both a site of sex education and of Christian ministry for sole founder and owner, the devout Gail Tymes.


ail’s Lingerie first opened nearly 30 years ago, in 1997, with great ambitions for the sexual wellness and betterment of Albany, Georgia.

“I saw that the community needed this,” says Tymes, the owner and founder of Gail’s Lingerie. “They needed the knowledge the store had to offer: about adult products, adult bodies and enhancing their partner’s pleasure.”

While the customer base of Gail’s Lingerie is diverse like any other, it has a special interest in a rather particular aim: providing guidance to married couples, both in their sexual and spiritual lives.

“My store is different from a lot of the others,” Tymes confesses. “This business is really my ministry. It’s not just about selling sex toys; it’s about that body God gave you and teaching you how to use it.”

In her day-to-day conversations with customers, Tymes emphasizes the importance of exploring one’s body and sexuality within the context of spirituality. She shares this perspective while talking to men about male-enhancement products, of which she offers in the varieties of pills, honeys and drinks. She has also introduced many a married woman to her first sustained climax via novice instruments like a bullet vibrator. In her teachings, adult toys can be used to complement intimacy, not take the place of it.

“A vibrator is a very useful tool, because it offers a hands-on way for a person to learn about themselves and their partner, but it also increases the possibility of mutual orgasms,” explains Tymes.

“Of course, our bodies are our temples,” testifies Claudia Sap, an educator and salesperson at Gail’s Lingerie. “I already believed that, but working with Gail has given me knowledge about my body, insight into my wants and dislikes and tools for being more in tune with myself. I am no longer ashamed of my personal desires, and I encourage other women to allow themselves to explore this essential aspect of themselves!”

An entrepreneur as well as an educator, Tymes’ knowledge of adult products, retail and community was already extensive before she opened Gail’s Lingerie, having previously owned a sports lounge. She remains active to this day, managing her adult store and two event spaces in Albany, GA, which can be rented for various occasions. After many years of sharing her knowledge, Tymes has developed her own educational materials available for purchase. The most notable of her teaching materials is a chart of the human body that highlights the areas where a bullet vibrator can be useful in relieving common ailments such as fatigue, headaches and body aches. 

“In this industry, it’s important to handle sensitive information with care,” adds Breyia Hand, Tymes’ assistant. “With male customers, Gail is able to provide guidance without damaging their ego, and with female customers, who may find it challenging to describe their desires or may not have even experienced an orgasm before, Gail is able to create a safe and comfortable space for discussion.”

A likely source of Tymes’ inner revitalization is the wedded couple Dr. Timothy Miller Sr. and Pastor Pamela Miller, who are both non-denominational church preachers. 

“In my church, which is in Camilla, GA, Gail is a faithful member,” attests Tymes’ pastor, Dr. Timothy Miller Sr. “I teach about God and sexuality, and one of the things that the Bible says is that, ‘Marriage is honorable, and the bedroom is undefiled.’ I believe for this reason that the Church has meddled in people’s bedrooms for far too long. Gail’s Lingerie — her ministry, is really what it is — I have personally seen restore a lot of marriages.”

The pastor couple from Tymes’ church are also involved in her annual event, “Women Talk,” which aims to raise awareness on various issues faced by women, including those related to sexual intimacy. This event is free to the community, and refreshments are provided for attendees. One of Tymes’ pastors delivers a brief message to the gathered women which supports them in considering a comprehensive relationship between spirituality and physicality, preparing them to receive the knowledge and guidance that Gail’s Lingerie offers on sexual wellness and intimacy.

In explanation of the pastor’s role at her sex-positive consciousness events, Tymes states that: “The Christian religion has a significant influence in the South. Some practicers can be close-minded, and many people are looking the wrong way, away from education. Being a spiritual person myself, my mission is straightforward — to teach people about the intersections between mind, body and spirit, as I see them, as well as the intrinsic value of education. The presence of my pastors provides a reassuring perspective for navigating any questions that may arise from a spiritual standpoint.” 

Tymes acknowledges that when she initially opened Gail’s Lingerie, she faced some challenging feedback from those who weren’t receptive to her message; however, she revels in the progress that the resistance has subsided as word of the accomplishments in her work with married couples has spread. This, and her continuous faith, Tymes believes, has blessed her business to be operational for over 27 years.

Gail’s recently launched a new sexual enhancement supplement called The Squirt Pill. This pill is designed to enhance the pleasure and intensity of orgasms for all genders, in addition to allowing most women the ability to “squirt.” Tymes raves that the new product has already received positive feedback from customers, with many reports of unexpected increased sexual satisfaction and pleasure. 

Approaching sexual wellness from a number of spiritual perspectives, Tymes has much more to share about the body and its many blessings, of which she appends, “God gave you that body, so learn it!”

For more information, email help@gailslingerie.com, call 229-430-8776 or visit Gail’s Lingerie at 930 West Broad Avenue, Albany, Georgia, 31701.