Vibratex, the sole North American importer of the Magic Wand brand, is pleased to announce that they are beginning to ship products housed in all-new packaging. The new packaging comports with the company’s new branding and vibrant accent color additions.

In developing Magic Wand’s new branding, each wand was assigned a signature accent color – a personalized shade intended to complement each item’s essence and character. This came just in time to include the Mini and resulted in: the Magic Wand Original with ruby, a vibrant red; the Magic Wand Plus with iolite, a deep royal purple; the Magic Wand Rechargeable with amethyst, a bright sunny grape; and the Magic Wand Mini with spinel, a super hot pink.

The Magic Wand Mini’s debut packaging was the catalyst for the full-line refresh. Thus, the three existing wands’ packages also each received a revamp featuring their new signature accent colors.

“Updating such an iconic brand’s appearance can be challenging, but I believe our team created a look that evolves the brand rather than reinvents it,” Vibratex CEO Ken Herskovitz explains. “The new packaging completes the rebrand and we’re all thrilled to see them hitting shelves.”

Vibratex is currently shipping the Magic Wand Plus, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and the Magic Wand Mini in each wand’s respective fresh packaging. Updated Magic Wand Original packaging will be shipping very soon.

“You may continue to see a mix of current packaging and new as existing stock sells through, but rest assured the full transition is underway,” Herskovitz adds.

Be on the lookout for the Magic Wand range in their new finery – same reliable power, in a fresh new box!

Retailers interested in offering SKUs from the Magic Wand range, including the all-new Magic Wand Mini, may contact Director of Business Development Eddie Romero ( for more information.

Magic Wand packaging and imagery resources are available here. Simply follow that link to find the new product and packaging imagery.

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