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In response to winning the 2020 SE Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year, members of the Voodoo Toys team shared a thank-you video with Storerotica.

“We, like everybody, were trying to act quickly in response to the global pandemic and we really wanted to help out all of our customers that have given us so much support,” says Sally Cotching, brand manager for Voodoo. “We really wanted to help with the message ‘Stay Home, Get Off’ because we still want to encourage people to enjoy themselves when they can and so it was really a testament to how quickly our team could respond and act together to pull together this campaign, (and) send it out to our stores.

“We got some support from media which we’re so appreciative of, but at the end of the day, we would be nothing without our stores so thank you so much for your support and thank you for voting for us.”

As a swift response to the global lockdown due to COVID-19, Cotching wanted to develop a campaign to support their loyal stores who carry Voodoo’s pleasure products as they entered uncertain territory. Working with the team, they created the “Stay Home Get Off” campaign showing a diverse group of women at home, cooking breakfast, listening to music, lounging in bed, with Voodoo’s product, encouraging consumers to enjoy the safest form of sex during a pandemic: solo sex.

“I’m thrilled that we got our first StorErotica Award and I just want to thank you very much,” says Kevin Mirarchi, Voodoo’s CEO. “From the beginning, the most important thing for me about Voodoo was its messaging and its branding so this award is particularly meaningful for us. I wanted the message to come across that owning a sex toy is a wonderful thing for your health and well-being and I want to congratulate Sal, Aspen and Danielle [Team Voodoo members] on putting together an amazing campaign around that message.”

For more information, visit voodoo.toys or email sally@voodoo.toys.com

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