We-Vibe is featured in the newly launched web series Cam_Girlfriend starring Chaturbate broadcaster Lily LaBeau. The comedic digital series follows rising cam model star Chloe and her live-in boyfriend Mike, played by Dave Keystone, and explores everything from romance and technology to connectivity and love – and We-Vibe is right there alongside them!

“As a brand that is dedicated to helping create more exciting connections between people and used regularly in the camming industry thanks to our products’ interactive features, Cam_Girlfriend felt like a natural fit for us,” says Stephanie Keating, Head of Marketing for We-Vibe in North America. “We were really excited at the opportunity to be featured alongside Lily and to be part of a creative series that explores connection in such a fun and thoughtful way.”

“We-Vibe’s brand fits the tone of the show perfectly” adds a rep for Cam_Girlfriend’s executive producers. “They’re fun, playful, and their products bridge the gap between technology and intimacy, which is one of the main themes of the series.”

In addition to We-Vibe’s We-Connect™ app, which lets users connect to a partner and play together over long-distance, select Bluetooth-enabled products can now also connect with the FeelConnect 3 app by FeelTechnology. This new feature allows users to connect interactively to another compatible device, sync their device to react in real time with virtual reality and video sessions, and allows performers and audiences to have a more intimate connection through camming platforms. With more ways to connect than ever before, We-Vibe is a popular fixture in the camming community. A list of camming platforms compatible with We-Vibe’s Bluetooth-enabled products through the Feel Connect apps can be found here.

Cam_Girlfriend is available on YouTube, with new episodes released weekly. Watch it here.