Williams Trading Co., is pleased to announce the addition of four new items from specialty lubricant company Helmet Grease, who promote their products as lubricants by men, for men.

These new additions to the line offer users a smaller, more portable version of Helmet Grease’s popular lubricants, three of which meet TSA size restrictions, allowing for on-the-go fun.

HG005 Helmet Grease Pure Silicone 3.6 Oz

HG006 Helmet Grease Hybrid Lube 3.4 Oz

HG007 Helmet Grease Natural Lube 3.4 Oz

HG008 Helmet Grease Water Based Lube 3.4 Oz

Helmet Grease uses top quality ingredients to create lubricants that feel great and last a long time.

Helmet Grease Pure Silicone, available in a 3.6 oz bottle, is a proprietary blend of four types of silicone, and the glycerin- and paraben-free formula offers users a friction-free playtime, whether alone or with a partner.

The Helmet Grease Hybrid lube is a blend of silicone and water-based lubricant that looks and feels like ‘spooge.’ This proprietary blend is glycerin-and paraben-free, and made in the US.

Helmet Grease Natural Lube can serve as both lubricant and a massage oil. Formulated with organic avocado and virgin coconut oils, this lubricant is chemical free, edible, hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Unlike other lubricants, Helmet Grease Natural lube can be used with polyurethane, nitric polyisoprene and CF2 condoms. As it is oil-based, this lubricant cannot be used with latex condoms.

The Helmet Grease Water-Based lubricant has been specially formulated to mimic the slickness of silicone lube, giving users the longevity of a silicone, with the ability to be used on all types of toy materials, and doesn’t stain. Non-sticky, this formula is safe for oral, and cleans up easily with water.

Williams Trading Co., also carries all four of these formulas in a 7.2 oz tube, and the discrete packaging of all eight products allows users to leave it out and ready to use with confidence.

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