Meet The MateFix — a revolutionary product with a body-adaptable design that allows users to create their own unique, complete pleasure experience. Williams Trading Co is pleased to announce the launch of this inaugural couples product from new vendor Perfect Dimensions. Specifically designed for a better couple-connection experience (or even when one is alone), the MateFix offers customizable, intimate experiences with its body adaptable capabilities:

PEDMATE01 The MateFix $84.00

With a patented design over a decade in the making, the MateFix is not like any other couples’ sex toy. Designed to stay in place, the MateFix allows couples to have penetrative sex that feels fuller and tighter, and solo users can either wear it vaginally or turn it around for both anal and vaginal penetration.

“I have been passionate about sharing this concept of changing the dimensions of a couple since my girlfriend and I experienced this pleasure for the first time in 2001,” says Lawrence Mark, inventory of this unique new product. “It’s been a difficult and challenging journey, but the desire and vision to share this pleasure with couples worldwide was always stronger.”

The unique design fits snugly inside the vaginal canal and stays in place even during penetrative sex. The internal shaft is designed with a unique, flattened surface which allows the penis to penetrate without dislodging the product, creating a fuller sensation for her, and a tighter sensation for him.

You can view a video simulation of the MateFix at the following link.

“This is a totally unique design, and both penis and vulva owners can enjoy its benefits,” says Rachel M, WTU Coordinator. “It stays in place during sex, and can be used multiple ways.”

The revolutionary MateFix is made from body-safe silicone, is water-resistant, comes with remote control, and is rechargeable. The MateFix also provides variable vibrations to three erotic zones: clitoral, G-Spot, and deep inside the vaginal or anal canal. The heart-shaped smaller arm can be placed in the clitoral area, or reversed for anal pleasure.

The MateFix is available for immediate wholesale or drop shipment orders. A custom specification sheet is available for download.

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