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Williams Trading Co is pleased to announce the addition of 2 new e-Learning modules on Williams Trading University, the free e-Learning platform that is available to existing and new accounts.  

Since its inception in 2003, Swedish company LELO has become known for the elegance and luxury of its products. Winner of over 110 mainstream awards, LELO is one of the most well-known brands in the pleasure product industry and can be found in 58 countries worldwide.  

With the release of the Sona 2 and Soraya 2, Williams Trading University is offering two new courses for e-Learning students:

LELO: Sona 2

LELO: Soraya 2

The Sona 2 course introduces e-Learning students to the next generation of Sona products. Covering both the Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise, this module introduces the differences between the new products and the original Sona and Sona Cruise. 

The next generation of the Sona and Sona Cruise is available in 3 colors: 

LE7901 Sona 2 Black (net) LE7932 Sona 2 Cruise Black (net)

LE7895 Sona 2 Purple (net) LE7871 Sona 2 Cruise Purple (net)

LE7802 Sona 2 Cerise (net) LE7819 Sona 2 Cruise Cerise (net)

Along with the course, students will be able to download resources from the Resource Tab at the top of the course window. Included in these resources is a chart that highlights the differences between the first generation and second generation of the Sona products, as well as downloadable product sheets. 

Much like the Sona 2 e-Learning module, the training course for the new Soraya 2 covers the differences between the first generation of the product and this newer version. 

The Soraya 2 is available in 3 new, on-trend colors: 

LE7826 Soraya 2 Aqua (net)

LE7956 Soraya 2 Black (net)

LE7949 Soraya 2 Deep Rose (net) 

Within this training module, students of Williams Trading University will quickly learn the new features and functions of the Soraya 2, how it differs from the original Soraya, and gain valuable selling tips.  

Downloadable resources found under the Resource Tab at the top of the video window offers users printable product sheets and a quick guide outlining the differences between the Soraya and the Soraya 2.  

As with all Williams Trading University courses, at the end of these e-Learning modules, learners will be asked to take a quick certification quiz, and upon passing, invited to register their completion of the course.  

Each Williams Trading University course registration grants users an entry into the monthly prize drawing; the more courses completed, the more entries into the drawing. 

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