Williams Trading University is pleased to announce the addition of a new course on its sexual health & wellness platform from XGEN Products, written and hosted by Dr. Melinda DeSeta, a Licensed Clinical Therapist and Sexologist who focuses on sex therapy, emotional intimacy, and relationship help.

This sexual & health and wellness course focuses on a topic that affects a good number of consumers, and is probably one of the top five reasons a consumer will shop for adult products: difficulties having orgasms. XGEN Products – maker of the Bodywand brand, The Rabbit Company, and the ZOLO product lines, just to name a few of the manufacturer’s popular brands – and Dr. Melinda DeSeta created a course that lays out both the problem and possible solutions in an informative, logical, and easy-to-follow and interesting manner.

Difficulty Experiencing Orgasms: Sponsored by XGEN Products introduces the e-Learner to what an orgasm is, the types of orgasms, and what can prevent an orgasm. From there, the course offers the retailer a variety of possible solutions that they can give to their customers, wrapping up the course with a short quiz on the course’s material to test their knowledge.

“This was a great course topic, and XGEN – and Melinda – was the perfect sponsor for it,” says Rachel M, who works with sponsoring vendors in Williams Trading University as coordinator. “It was a privilege to work with them both, and I hope to get to do it again someday.”

Anthony Pingicer, Director of Marketing at XGEN Products and a long-time partner of Williams Trading Co, comments, “[t]he WTU courses are a necessity if you are in the industry, and XGEN is proud to have been asked to participate.” And asking Dr. DeSeta to research and write the course was an easy choice for XGEN, as voiced by the well-respected Marketing Director: “Melinda’s extensive knowledge within the sexual health and wellness realm made her a perfect fit for this.”

Along with the sexual health & wellness course, retailers interested in learning more about XGEN’s products can log into the original Williams Trading University platform and take the Bodywand: Line Review course, which explores XGEN Products’ line of popular wands and the different features and benefits that are unique to each item. At the end of the course, e-learners will be directed to test their knowledge with a short quiz to earn their certification, and each certification earns the user an entry into the monthly prize drawing.

The Williams Trading University team developed the Sexual Health & Wellness Channel as a platform to educate learners on topics that are at the forefront of consumer interest, as the taboos surrounding sex are slowly being eradicated by a strengthening presence in mainstream media.

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