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Veteran adult distributor is pleased to announce the launch of the newest customer communication digital training tool called “Williams Trading Weekly Picks.” We are pleased to announce our new Bi-Weekly Picks video content featuring new items for all of our customers. This hand-curated content developed exclusively for our customer base to enhance in store training. Williams Weekly picks will feature both a male and female perspective, on the best of the newest items. View the channel link here.

This exclusive digital initiative will be available on the Williams Trading blogging platform, You Tube, JRL Charts Channel, The new XBIZ TV Video channel, Store Erotica, The Pleasures Professional Facebook Group, and Williams Trading University-learning channel.

“We saw an immediate need for this type of fresh digital content with the recent travel shut down restrictions from COVID 19. This flexible format allows all of our vendors to participate in short concise video presentations reviewing both packaging, features and benefits”, says sales and marketing director Scott D.

This content can be viewed on an Android or iOS Apple phone or tablet, or a PC 24/7. Any sales associate can view the content within the palm of their hand, based on their own time schedule and not have to be concerned about meeting a scheduled webinar training. We have also made this content broadly available to multiple access points including trade digital magazines and our own learning platforms.

We have a full schedule of bi-weekly training material that will become available consistently to our customer base on these specific channels. The addition of having our adult store retail experts, Paul Reutershan and Rachel McCarthy present the material, brings a down-to-earth, easy-to-digest format with a unique perspective.

“We see many of our customers suffering from Zoom and Skype overload, with too many pre-scheduled webinars. Retailers operation schedules do not always match up with these live webinar formats, hence we opted to create a pre-recorded digital content format and offer this material available 24/7 on all of our digital platforms” says Rich Pyne, VP of Sales Williams Trading Co.

Williams Trading Picks is supported with free e-Learning courses hosted by Williams Trading University (WTU), the only award-winning, premier educational platform in the adult industry exclusive to Williams Trading customers.

For additional retail store training information, contact a Williams Trading sales representative at 800-423-8587 or visit www.williamstradingco.com.

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