Created by husband-and-wife team Alex and Danyell Fima, The Thruster penetrating dildo takes advantage of its sneaky-smart technology to deliver an unmatched experience.

When Alex and Danyell Fima, husband and wife, respectively, broke into the adult pleasure product business with The Thruster at the Sex Expo in Brooklyn 2017, they didn’t think much about their environs.

The Mini Thruster “has the same powerful drive mechanism as the original,” says Thruster cofounder Danyell Fima.

“Quickly, we saw and felt segregation among the industry, it seemed influenced by an ‘old boys’ club,’” says Danyell. “They were not terribly interested in embracing new businesses entering their playground that they had dominated for many decades.”

But, to hear them say it, as Bob Dylan put it—the times, they are ‘a changin’.

“Women are a primary targeted consumer,” Danyell says. “With that, it makes more sense to have women drive the organizations who are not only producing the products, but selling to them as well.”

Alex knows it is oversimplification to credit that as the only change. “I think we are all glad to have ladies leading the change that has emerged,” he suggests. “As a couple joining the industry, we bring a balanced and blended approach to our business.”

And business is swell.

The Thruster is a penetrative dildo capitalizing on the founders’ past in aerospace engineering.

The couple attended their first ANME in January 2019 and rubbed elbows with members from all aspects of the adult industry.

“Many had heard of our new penetrating dildo products but didn’t understand what separated us from the group until they got to see it at ANME,” Alex recalls.

Word quickly got out about the modern marvel that is The Thruster—with its inventors’ background in aerospace engineering.

Women are a primary targeted consumer. With that, it makes more sense to have women drive the organizations who are not only producing the products, but selling to them as well.
Thruster’s Danyell Fima

“We intended on producing a quality sex toy product for penetration that actually worked well for anyone who enjoys such activity,” says Danyell.

Perhaps it worked too well.

“It’s evident we over-engineered our first product line,” admits Danyell.

“We say the original Thruster is party friendly because the battery life can extend up to eight hours,” says Alex. “This is why its really powerful and a real replacement for a penetrating machine. 

“But with our patented technology, it’s also super-flexible and velvety soft, making it superior to the old-school machines,” continues Alex. “We feel we’re at the center of what’s really a new category of pleasure products: thrusters.”

As the pair explain, it’s the technology behind The Thruster that sets it apart in this revelatory niche category.

“We are very proud of the technology and patented drive mechanism that is at the heart of the Thruster,” says Danyell. “Packaging this tech into a sex product as a handheld and rechargeable device help set the stage for this product group.”

The Mini Thruster boasts the same tech as its larger predecessor but a lower price point.

And in its infancy, the product group has been delivered another miracle—the Mini Thruster, part of what made them a hit at ANME.

Packing the same patented technology found in the Thruster, the pint-sized Mini Thruster “has the same powerful drive mechanism as the original,” says Danyell. “Both lines share that velvety smooth platinum cure silicone and a flexibility which is a component of our issued patent.”

“Of course, we did consider most all the requests we had over the last year when engineering this product,” adds Alex. “Multiple colors, suction base, more affordable, so this went over very well with the buyers at ANME and we have a sizable backlog for its production release in the second quarter this year.

“We are working to release many more derivative toys with the Mini Thruster technology and its lower price point this year,” he continues. “It’s a great backbone drive mechanism we can now put into many different product shapes. It will also be used in a Velvet stroker by next year, another derivative of our patent.”

If the Mini Thruster and ensuing products are derivative of its creators and their mindset, then The Thruster will be much more than a product group.

“With the Thruster, we measure our product life in years,” says Danyell. “This is an expectation in our minds—consumers deserve products that aren’t built like toys if you are selling at a luxury price point.”

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