VersaWand, the newest item in the Bodywand collection, is now shipping through Xgen Products.

Designed for muscle stimulation and deep tissue massage, the VersaWand from Bodywand relaxes your most tense muscles, leaving you refreshed and ready for activity. The VersaWand comes complete with six attachments to target specific joints and muscles for concentrated rejuvenation and relaxation.

“VersaWand is one of the coolest items I’ve seen since I started at Xgen,” says Andy Green, President of Xgen Products. “This item is targeted more towards the discerning health and wellness customer, and would be a welcome addition to any store.”

Three levels of power allow you to select a range of intensity, and the 90-degree rotating arm targets any muscle joint on the body with ease. The VersaWand is USB rechargeable and comes with a convenient travel case for relaxation on the go.

“A sleek tester and display are also available for stores,” adds Green. “The display sits nicely on a slatwall or counter, and includes a security cable to protect the tester.”

VersaWand is also available in two colors, blue or grey.

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