The KYRO Wand Massager by ZALO continues to draw praise from mainstream publications that are in awe of its power and sleek design. is the latest major outlet to spotlight the intensely powerful massager in the article “The 21 Most Powerful Vibrators You Can Buy in 2022.”

In the collaborative article written by Corinne Sullivan, Carina Hsieh and Rachel Varina, the case was made for investing in “heavy duty” vibrators “for anyone who enjoys vibrators that come with high speeds, lots of power, and intense vibrations.” The authors explain how powerful vibrators, such as the KYRO Wand, can completely change a user’s masturbation game.

Among the important features that consumers should look for when shopping for a powerful vibrator is the toy’s RPM, as well as the weight of the toy, as ZALO CEO Peter Ovsonka explained to Cosmo.

“The heavier the counterweight, the deeper the vibration,” he told, noting that toys also need to be balanced to direct the vibration to the areas of the body that one desires, rather than overpowering speed that may cause discomfort.

KYRO features ZALO’s Direct Power 2.0 technology, which emits strong vibrations that are concentrated on the wand’s head for direct stimulation. KYRO is equipped with two multi-functional silicone attachments to maximize the possibilities for pleasure.

“A quality vibrator should be both powerful and quiet with the best materials, especially body-safe silicone,” Ovsonka told Cosmo.

The article’s authors agreed, calling the KYRO Wand Massager a “great choice, as it features ZALO’s innovative Direct Power 2.0 technology with six speeds and five vibration modes. Plus, the KYRO comes with multiple attachments designed to stimulate the nipples or deeper parts of the clitoris, providing suuuper intense orgasms.”

The wand massager features a sleek, elegant design inspired by the look of the scepters of mighty Egyptian pharaohs. Conveying royalty and power both aesthetically and functionally, KYRO features ZALO’s innovative Direct Power 2.0 technology. Emitting strong vibrations that are concentrated on the wand’s head for powerful direct stimulation, KYRO is light and easy to control. As described in the Cosmo article, the two included attachments are specially shaped to be used for targeted stimulation to the G-spot or nipples or clitoris. The stylish, timeless wand comes in gorgeous Turquoise Green and Black tones.

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