Zumio has been turning heads for over three years now. Since the launch of the now-iconic model X in 2017 through the release of the more subdued model S in 2018 and the sleek model E earlier this year, Zumio is unlike anything else on the market today — and reviewers worldwide tend to agree!

New York Magazine listed the Zumio X as the “best oscillating vibrator” among its “What’s the Best Vibrator?” roundup. In the piece, Jacq Jones, a sex educator and owner of Baltimore’s Sugar shop, said the Zumio X is one of her favorite vibrators.

“The pinpoint tip provides intense clitoral stimulation, and it also moves in a unique, oscillating pattern that some may prefer to a traditional buzzing toy,” Jones stated, emphasizing the rotation (not vibration) Zumio is known for.

LadiesNight.nl writer Michelle stated that the Zumio X is a “guaranteed orgasm for every woman.” Users can control the speed of orgasm, and the Zumio is very suitable to use with a partner. “I have a new purple girlfriend,” Michelle wrote, “and her name is Zumio!”

Well + Good’s Mary Grace Garis wrote, “Research shows that during sexual intercourse, most vulva-owners simply can’t climax from penetration alone. The exact figures vary, but one study suggests it’s fewer than a dismal 20 percent.” The flip side of this figure, however, states that orgasms come much faster for many via clitoral stimulation. And for users looking for something direct, the Zumio S and its pinpoint SpiroTip will get the job done.

Blogger Witch of the Wands wrote that, for people who Zumio’s pinpoint pressure may be “too pinpoint,” the Zumio S split the difference perfectly. “The experience I have had with my Zumio S has totally changed my feelings on this style of pinpoint vibration,” they wrote. “The change in the tip [between the X and the S] and its changes when pressure is applied made for a perfect harmony against my clit.”

French blogger Elle at objetsdeplaisir.fr described the newest Zumio, the Zumio E as a small, ultra-powerful sex toy that was not very noisy — the ultimate unexpected combination. “[The Zumio E] allows a new type of stimulation, combining precision and extreme intensity. The orgasms thus obtained are extremely powerful,” Elle wrote. “Discovering a new way to explore your body and achieve orgasms is a great experience!”

From New York to the Netherlands, the Zumio range has opened up new experiences for people — even among them most experienced and discerning sex bloggers and reviewers around.

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