Rolik, a new adult lifestyle product retailer, has collaborated with Instagram artist Cute Brute on a capsule collection that includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and a hat featuring some of the artist’s most popular artwork.

Cute Brute (@thecutebrute) is a Brooklyn-based illustrator and toy designer whose work is a colorful blend of cute critters, irreverent humor and queer iconography. Infamously hailed as “the right side of smut,” this juxtaposition of the sexy with the bizarre often pulls inspiration from retro toys, gay pinup magazines and the occult. 

“We are excited to launch our first artist collaboration with Cute Brute as their work embodies the Rolik brand – fun, cute and sexy,” says Rolik founder Devin Gunn. “It’s why we asked them to create our logo!”

The collection is available to ship globally. Customers are encouraged to share their #cutebruteloot selfies with @thecutebrute and @shoprolik on all social media channels.

Rolik provides a safe space to discover and shop for sexual wellness products that is open to all. They offer products from more than 100 of the most trusted brands and donates 1% of every purchase made to 10 nonprofits evenly with no caps or end date.

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