b-Vibe and sex & pleasure educator Luna Matatas will be priming you for safe and effortless anal pleasure with the new “Seducing the Butt” workshop series on Zoom, kicking off today.

The debut episode titled “Pain & Hygiene”, will focus on our most frequently asked questions when prepping for anal sex — including hygiene, how to set the scene for butt stuff and pre-butt stuff communication.

This episode will also cover how to be kind to the anus by using lube, external anal stimulation and the use of barriers. The workshop is aimed at busting common butt myths about pain and hygiene.

“Popular questions around anal sex are about bum hygiene and pain during penetration,” says host Luna Matatas. “Anal doesn’t have to be ‘pain-al’ and bum hygiene doesn’t have to be a barrier to good butt sex. Seducing the butt with techniques and toys can help navigate painful experiences and prepping for anal sex can manage potential messes.”

In each monthly installment of the “Seducing the Butt” series, Matatas will teach techniques for anal stimulation, and other creative ideas for leveling up with anal sex toys, lube and more. From prostates to butt plugs, to eating ass — this six-episode series is packed with bum pleasure ideas that are suitable for everyone, from butt stuff beginners to seasoned anal adventurers. Viewers will also be able to tune in live and ask questions.

“Sex-positive education has always been a core value of b-Vibe. Now, more than ever, we are expanding our connection with our community and provide interactive ways to learn,” b-Vibe founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair says. “We’re excited to offer yet another resource for our retailers, distributors, and brand fans to learn more about fun, safe, and pleasurable ways to experience anal play.”

Tune in to get all of the information and helpful tips for venturing into anal play worry-free. RSVP and learn more about the Seducing the Butt series at http://www.bvibe.com/seducing-the-butt.