Arcwave, the global pleasure brand for penis owners, has already revolutionized the stroker market with the Arcwave Ion and Voy. Now, the brand is expanding its portfolio with two new strokers – Pow and Ghost.

Both products come in three vibrant colors: black, mint and blue. Typical for Arcwave products, Pow and Ghost are made with patented CleanTech Silicone, which offers a hygienic and long-lasting experience in addition to a silky-smooth feeling.

Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Arcwave, explains “Men in particular are hesitant about using sex toys, because of the perceived stigma that still surrounds their use. Arcwave Ghost and Pow are a fun way for penis owners to overcome these barriers and discover the joy of sex toys, ideal for those that have always wanted to try but haven’t yet. The accessible price point means it’s perfect for first-time users, while the easy-to-use manual strokers are perfect for trying out a sex toy that isn’t too intimidating or complicated.”

Pow – suction for added sensation

Arcwave Pow is a premium manual stroker which combines a smart and elegant design with intense and suction-driven stimulation. The suction intensity can be adjusted just by placing a finger over the air pressure release valve during use.

The textured inner sleeve is made from CleanTech silicone, Arcwave’s patented and modern silicone material, which durable, hygienic, and flexibly adapts to any penis size. It stretches and tightens to provide the desired level of intensity to any body. The smart helix structure within Pow’s inner sleeve makes cleaning and drying easy as well as quick. Specially shaped ventilation lids protect the toy when not in use and enable better ventilation for fast and hygienic drying.

Ghost – Reversible Pocket stroker for twice the pleasure

Looks like a simple pocket stroker, but its innovative features are surprising; the toy is a textured stroker made from CleanTech silicone. The stroker flips inside out to reveal a second pleasure surface, mixing up two different sensations. The ergonomic shape and compact size make it incredibly easy to handle while providing a perfect grip. In addition, a slim design allows easy and discreet storage. What’s more, the durable CleanTech silicone means that the Ghost can be used again and again, unlike most other products on the market.

Arcwave Pow ($79) and Ghost ($19.90) can be purchased from the 22nd of November on