Chatsworth, CA – Holiday Products has announced the release of the highly anticipated 2023 LoveLines Retail Home Party Catalog.

The LoveLines catalog acts as a retailer’s additional product warehouse. It allows any retailer access to an additional 800+ items without the expense of holding physical inventory.

Holiday’s President Ken Sahn says, “For those of you who are not familiar, LoveLines has been the go-to source for independent Home Party Planners, Home Party Companies, and Retail Stores for over 25 years. This is the catalog you’ll want to show your customers, because it has an elite product selection, enabling them to make fast and confident buying decisions.”

Of the newest printed catalog, Senior Account Manager & Product Specialist Molly Romeo notes, “I see this latest edition of LoveLines as a complete refresh. This time around, we are featuring the top six sellers in each subcategory per page. In the past, we focused on items we felt might do well in a home party setting. This time around we went with proven winners to give our product selections a more evergreen feel with greater
staying power.”

Romeo goes on to say, “Also new is a revised layout that better follows the flow of an in-home product presentation. The novelties and extras can be found at the end of the book, as that’s usually how a Home Party Planner shows off their wares.”

Director of Purchasing Susanna Molina adds, “If you have been a fan of LoveLines in the past, you’re in for a real treat. The 2023 LoveLines Catalog team did a great job, and this latest edition showcases best sellers in a way that makes tried and true product seem fresh and exciting.”

Sales & Operations Manager Veronica Garcia reveals, “My favorite thing about the LoveLines tradition is how easy it makes it for stores and home party planners to expand their offerings. LoveLines can be used by any retailer as a supplemental inventory without the expense of stocking products.”

To request your free copy of LoveLines, contact your Account Manager at 800-266-5969, visit their website , or email .

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