WOW Tech’s patented Pleasure Air Technology, first used in the original Womanizer, then applied to products across each of its partner brands, keeps their high-ticket toys well sought after. But for new or experimenting shoppers, the $200 price tag on a Womanizer Premium may scare them away. For shoppers who aren’t ready or able to make that jump, WOW Tech does offer a number of Pleasure Air Technology products with an MSRP of $100 or less. Not only will these models satisfy a wider customer base but will also provide a jumping point to upgrade from when they’re ready. 


Womanizer Starlet 3 $79

 Womanizer’s Starlet 3 offers the revolutionary pulsating clitoral stimulation of Pleasure Air Technology in a stripped-down package. Starlet 3 is smaller than the Womanizer Classic and Womanizer Premium, and is made primarily of ABS plastic, as opposed to its sibling models’ silicone bodies. While it is missing Womanizer Premium 2’s Autopilot and Smart Silence features, as well as Womanizer Classic 2’s Afterglow function, it delivers the high-tech clitoral pleasure that customers want in a more affordable, waterproof, rechargeable product. 


Lily Allen Womanizer Liberty $99

 Womanizer Liberty’s body is made of ABS like the Starlet but it includes a discreet travel cover. This version is colored in a fun pink and orange, as inspired and endorsed by British pop star Lily Allen. The signature touch and included travel case give this Womanizer model a unique flavor while keeping the price tag slightly under three digits. 


ROMP Shine $50

 WOW Tech established its brand ROMP to share its high-tech offerings to an expanded audience. Each of its products retail at $50 or less, including its multiple Pleasure Air toys. While luxuries found in Womanizer and We-Vibe toys like fully silent motors and longer runtimes are stripped down, the cost difference makes these toys attractive to college-aged customers and other curious buyers. ROMP Shine delivers 10 functions of clitoral pulsating pleasure in a rechargeable, waterproof package. 


ROMP Rose $50

 ROMP Rose is WOW Tech’s take on the viral Rose suction vibrator. ROMP Rose stands out from other Rose variations with a design built from the ground up with patented Pleasure Air Technology. It also features a removable tip that makes cleanup more convenient and usage more inclusive while remaining cute, rechargeable, and affordable. 


ROMP Free $40

 ROMP Free is the smallest Pleasure Air toy offered by ROMP. It features a protective cover, making it a great travel companion. Its rechargeable and waterproof functionality makes it a solid option for under $50. 


ROMP Switch $30

 ROMP Switch is similar in design to the ROMP Shine, but with a battery-powered motor. It has fewer functions than its sibling ROMP toys at 6 intensities, as well as splashproof (not submersible) construction, at only $30. 



Pleasure Air Technology is still a new concept to many shoppers, and each of these items provide a means for customers to try it out. Sales staff can utilize these tiers not only to help customers determine which features are valuable for their budget, but also to upsell toward a higher purchase. And after getting a taste of Pleasure Air Technology on a less-expensive item, shoppers will be excited to go for that next upgrade. With the right communication, low-cost items like these are not an end to a new buyer’s pleasure product journey, but an introduction to future sales.