5 Warming Lubes for Hot Sensation Play

When customers ask for recommendations to heat up their sexual play, heat itself can be the answer! Warming lubes, which arouse a spicy sensation with friction, make for a memorable experience. During sex, the shared experience of a warming sensation intensifies friction and enhances intimacy between partners. During masturbation, the warming sensation arouses the feeling of body heat, especially when used with a stroker toy or dildo. The simple addition to sexual play of the warming lubes listed here creates a brand-new sensation at a low-cost add-on to a purchase. 


Intimate Earth Mojo Horny Goat Weed Warming Glide 

Intimate Earth proudly uses natural ingredients in their glides, not only making for healthy, more-sustainable formulas, but unique properties and sensations as well. Their water-based Mojo Horny Goat Weed Warming Glide features the addition of Cinnamon Bark Extract, creating a heating sensation with friction that is safe for internal use. 


System JO Premium Warming 

System JO’s Premium Warming Lube applies warming sensations to a silicone-based lube. With silicone lubes lasting longer than most water-based lubes, the heating sensation continues with less need to reapply more lube. 


Wicked Sensual Care Jelle Heat

Wicked Sensual Care’s Jelle is well liked for its thickness and long-lasting abilities, making it perfect for anal sex. Jelle Heat is the same formula with Cinnamon Bark Extract added, creating an extra-hot anal experience. 


Swiss Navy 4 in 1 Playful Flavors 

Swiss Navy’s 4 in 1 Playful Flavors are formulated with 4 uses in mind: lubrication, massage, edible taste, and warming sensations. From the same bottle, one can facilitate a soothing warming massage, flavored oral sex play, and more. This warming lube offers great value with its versatility as well as its sensation playability. 


Sliquid Sizzle 

Sliquid Sizzle provides a unique experience with sensation play by arousing both cooling and warming sensations. With its inclusion of Menthol, Sizzle cools on contact and warms with friction. The rollercoaster of feelings makes for a memorable experience to be shared with a partner or enjoyed by oneself, not just different from traditional lubes, but from other warming lubes as well. 


Warming lubes are great add-on or even single purchase because the experience is all new and the cost is low risk. Even if the customer is already purchasing traditional lubes, the unique experience offered is enough to warrant adding a warming lube to the cart. Stores can even market the varied experiences that warming lubes provide with toy purchases, such as the sensation of body heat with a realistic stroker toy or layered sensations with warming lube on a cool stainless-steel dildo. Their experiential appeal makes them a sure bet for experimenting customers. 


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