This year marks a half-decade since the most pleasurable butt plugs first made contact with anal play lovers of all levels, introducing them to innovative new ways to take backdoor stimulation to astronomical new heights.

Just in time for Anal August, b-Vibe is rolling out the 5th Anniversary Collection, featuring a comprehensive roundup of b-Vibe classics that deliver out-of-this-world pleasure and captivate with their dazzling looks. Available in new metallic colors are b-Vibe’s signature Rimming Plug 2, Rimming Plug Petite, Novice Plug, Snug Plug 4 and Snug Plug 2.

Available in a brilliant new metallic version of its signature teal color, the b-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 is the latest edition of the b-Vibe’s flagship product. Still plugging away more phenomenally than ever, the Rimming Plug 2 changed the game as the only plug on the market that rims while it vibrates for a dual sensation and intergalactic-level orgasms.

As a nod to b-Vibe’s next improvement in backdoor play, we’ve created a new limited-edition metallic Rimming Petite Plug. The smaller version of the revolutionary rimming plug offers glitz and glam, and promises to provide stimulation in style with 30 feet of remote control range.

Over the past half-decade, b-Vibe has worked on promoting anal education and to make buttstuff accessible for all skill levels. The Novice Plug was introduced to provide newbies an approachable toy to experiment with. This booty ambassador to beginners obviously deserved a spot in b-Vibe’s anniversary collection, and now is available in limited edition metallic pink to add some sparkle while you learn.

In honor of all the booties that b-Vibe has snuggled up to, the new limited edition Snug Plug 4 is available in a sparkly sunburst color. Offering weight and discretion, this plug stays comfortably in place for any situation.

Last but not least, the new 5th Anniversary Limited Edition Snug Plug 2 now comes in an eye-catching copper shade to celebrate this tried-and-true favorite for pluggers of all levels. With its medium weight and size, the Snug Plug 2 is a favorite for regular discreet wear and partner play.

“We launched b-Vibe with a mission to change attitudes towards anal play by offering more than a product,” b-Vibe founder Alicia Sinclair Rosen says. “Since day one, b-Vibe has prioritized sex education as a primary tool to dispel myths and overcome taboos by including useful information with every item. We also include fun extras to encourage more positivity around sex, and particularly anal play. We’re beyond proud and pleased that our message has resonated with so many consumers and adult retailers around the world over the past half-decade — cheers to all of our supporters!”

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