b-Vibe is bolstering its role as the leading resource for information and tips on all things related to anal play with the debut of a new educational video series- Butt Stuff Basics.

Featuring some of the most sought-after sex educators, the new b-Vibe educational video series covers 10 of the most frequented articles from b-Vibe’s archive of ever-popular Anal Play Advice articles. Focusing solely on education, the videos are 100% informational and not product-centric, conveying important facts and valuable tips through entertaining, easy-to-digest 10-minute segments that feature illustrations and animation.

“Our new Butt Stuff Basics educational video series was created to teach people to enjoy shame-free, safe and -most importantly- pleasurable experiences,” b-Vibe founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair says. “We live in a world where people don’t always have the time to sit down and read a series of written articles, and there are also those that learn better through visuals and audio — these videos cater to the different needs of individuals who are interested in learning about anal play, while taking b-Vibe’s educational platform to the next level with yet another avenue for sex education.”

Sinclair is among the star sex educators featured in the new Butt Stuff Basics video series, along with Tristan Taormino — a pioneer in anal play sex education, as well as Zoë Ligon, Sex Nerd Sandra, Sarah Tomchesson, Francisco Ramirez, Ryan DiMartino, Dirty Lola and Cameron Glover, among others. The series will cover topics such as the best positions for anal play and will break down common myths surrounding back door exploration.

The b-Vibe Butt Stuff Basics video series will makes its premiere on January 22nd with a new video debuting every other week, which will suitably take it through Masturbation May for those that are looking for new methods of stimulation.

“Within each video, we will be including links to source articles to provide more resources to learn about any specific topic,” Sinclair adds. “By the end of Masturbation May, b-Vibe.com will feature an unrivaled, comprehensive destination for anal play tips and tricks from star sex educators.”

Look out for b-Vibe’s Butt Stuff Basics series to debut on its soon-to-be-revealed dedicated landing page on bvibe.com, as well as on COTR’s Youtube channel. The easy-to-access, highly shareable videos are anticipated to be a valuable resource not just for curious consumers but adult retail staff as well, who can utilize the information to better serve customers.