Nadgerz Inc. has announced immediate shipping and B2B wholesale opportunities for the company’s flagship product, the Balldo.

Crowdfunded in just 10 hours on the company’s IndieGoGo page last March 2021, the Balldo is a stretchy, silicone device made to fit comfortably over the testicles, turning the wearer’s balls into a secondary penetrative tool with a stiff, phallic shape.

Balldo focuses on shared pleasure for giver and receiver alike. The giver and wearer of the Balldo is treated to a whole new orgasmic experience, dubbed the “ballgasm,” from the act of partnered “ballsex.” Meanwhile, the receiver can delight in endless sensual thrusting from a partner whose newly-discovered sex organ never goes soft.

“The Balldo is a true innovation in the world of sex toys for couples,” says Nadgerz co-founder and CEO Jerry Davies. “I think with Balldo and ballsex, we have definitely carved out a new niche that’s here to stay.”

The Balldo is stretchy enough to fit testicles of most sizes and is outfitted with additional silicone spacer rings, which brace the Balldo against the groin, making it erect like a penis for thrusting. A patented, super-strong inner core allows the Balldo to maintain rigidity while thrusting, ensuring the wearer’s ‘ball dong’ stays erect and never collapses during penetration, without compromising Balldo’s stretchy base for easy on-and-off wear.

The Balldo’s tip is the width of the average penis and features a comfortable, tapered tip for easy, pleasurable insertion.

Most recently, Nadgerz Inc. and the Balldo were nominated for the company’s first XBIZ Europa Award in the New Pleasure Products Company of the Year category.

“There is really nothing else like this out there,” says Davies. “We are currently partnered with Entrenue in the USA, AADP in Australia and EDC in Europe, and look forward to watching ballsex start a new consumer trend out in the retail wild.”

Just in time for Balldo’s official product launch, the company has appointed industry veteran Jeff Dillon to the role of Vice President of Marketing.

“We are looking forward to becoming the next, big industry niche, eventually becoming as popular as anal play,” says Dillon. “Once men discover the pleasure of having an orgasm, aka ballgasm, triggered with their balls, Balldo is sure to be a hit.”

“Most people already know about penis and prostate orgasms,” continues Dillon, “but the ballgasm is a third way men can have an orgasm, which is very intriguing, exciting and novel for most men and couples.”

For wholesale and retail inquires, email or fill out a distributor form here. Learn more about the Balldo at or follow Balldo on social media on Instagram and Twitter.