Critics are raving/raging about the amazing/awful balldo, the award-winning new adult novelty that says yes to ‘ballsex’.

Love it or hate it, the world’s best/worst male sex toy, described as “Your second penis that never goes soft!” is making big waves in the biz, thanks to its unique design and sturdy form that shapes the sensitive testicles into a penetrating ‘ball dildo’ that highlights a world of intense sensations that either feel out-of-this-world incredible or … not so much.

“I’m suddenly desperate for ballsex!” exclaims Medium author Bradlee Bryant, who refers to testicles as “the underdog of male genitalia” and calls the balldo “a sexy invention that can help a lot of people and bring the world more sexual pleasure”.

“The idea of the Balldo being a novelty isn’t necessarily something to scoff at,” muses MEL Magazine writer Magdalene Taylor. “After nearly a year of life at home — and a lifetime of not putting your balls inside your partner — why not?”

Men’s Health magazine also affirms that for anyone who has “ever wanted to turn your balls into a dildo… maybe you’d enjoy the sensation of having them be the star of the show during penetration – especially if you’re into ball worship.”

Girly Juice reviewer Kate Sloan noted that “if you already know you like having your balls stimulated, it’s quite possible you’d love the balldo,” adding that her partner’s efforts paid off in a highly-satisfactory – and very messy – ‘ballgasm’. “One thing I hadn’t thought much about before using the balldo is the sheer amount of cum that can get on both of you when you use this toy.”

Cosmopolitan’s Rachel Varina wasn’t bowled over with balldo, but “it definitely did something to my husband. He loved it,” adding that her spouse achieved ballgasm almost immediately after the first use and lasted “about 15 whole seconds” the second time. “Clearly, it was a success with the hubs.”

Wired, however, called balldo “less of an erotic toy, more of a dadaist interrogation of the very concept of pleasure”, while Vice concluded that “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. Girly Juice’s Sloan mused that, while it worked great in her test run, balldo is not for everyone. “I think it’s worth checking out if you and your partner(s) are sexually adventurous and driven by curiosity.”

As for balldo inventor Jerry Davies, he says that for those with erectile issues or who are willing to take the time to play and explore their way to an explosive payoff, “the best thing to do is experiment,” he told InsideHook. “It’s new and I’m sure many couples will do things we haven’t heard of.”

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