5 Best-Selling, Low-Cost Sex Accessories to Increase Your Bottom Line

Selling a high-ticket item is always a strong goal, but don’t overlook the value of low-cost sex toy accessories! While a triple-digit vibrator will bring in the big bucks in one item, you can count on consistent sales with affordable add-ons and first-time purchases of items that are always in style. Below are some of Nalpac’s best-selling accessories.


Ouch! Pleasure Furry Handcuffs from Shots
MSRP $15

A simple but effective BDSM mainstay, furry handcuffs have that iconic look that is appealing to both newcomers and experienced bondage players. The extra fuzz is comfortable on the wrists and the quick-release button is a great safety feature if you lose the keys. Also a great addition to Halloween costumes, fuzzy lingerie, or other role-play wear.


GoodHead from Doc Johnson
MSRP: $12.10-18.34

Offer the opportunity to give or receive a better blowjob or cunnilingus and both parties will come running! Doc Johnson’s line of GoodHead oral sex enhancers are slick, flavored formulas that provide a better experience for both the giver and the receiver. The tasty flavors are fun to lick up and the slippery glide improves stamina by reducing dry mouth as well as increasing sensation. Offer a 5-pack for 5 different flavors to experiment with!


Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask from Pipedream 
MSRP: $9

This simple, inexpensive item is a reliable high seller! Masks and blindfolds are often the first purchase for couples who are experimenting sexually, and this affordable, straightforward option delivers. Masks are also a great add-on to any impact, bondage, or sensation play purchase for enhanced anticipation and acceptance of submission. The sensory deprivation also adds to any vibrator play. And it doubles as a sleep mask!


Make Me Melt Candles from Icon Brands
MSRP: $12

Wax play is hot for enthusiasts of all genres of sexual play and very accessible! This 4-pack of body-safe, warm-drip candles builds atmosphere, satisfies sensation play, and dabbles in BDSM to all interested or even slightly interested parties.


Anal-Ese from Nasstoys
MSRP: $10.20-13.70

Anal sex is trending, and so has Anal-Ese for as long as it’s been in production! Though anal play is rising in popularity, the learning curve is still there, and Anal-Ese desensitizing lubricant is a popular route to comfortable anal penetration. The barely-double-digit price tag makes it attractive to customers curious about anal sex, as well as an add-on to anal toys.

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