When it comes to what products litter the shelves of adult retailers, the spectrum runs from aphrodisiacs to strokers. But one category that may go overlooked within the domain of sexuality is the arena of sensuality—the body lotions, bath soaps, massage oils, body mists, etc. The era of neglecting these essentials is over, as evidenced by this February issue of Storerotica Magazine!

Earthly Body
Georgene Smith Goodin

Our most popular bath and body products are “multi-purpose.” Our massage candles aren’t just great for massage—they’re also a terrific warm moisturizer that are perfect for those cold mornings when you get out of the shower. Our massage lotion is thick and rich so you can give a long, sensual massage to your partner or use it to soften those “problem” dry areas, like feet, knees and elbows. And a few drops of our massage oil added to your tub turn an ordinary bath into a moisturizing one.
For more information, visit earthlybody.com.

Exsens Rebecca

Our Crystal Massage Oil line has been very successful even though many stores were initially worried about the high-end price. Obviously, the product itself is amazing—and I think customers really go for the organic quality and how special the “Made in France” seal makes them feel—but I think the success of this line is really thanks to our packaging. Customers are drawn to the jewel tones!
On a totally different vibe, our Arousal Lip Gloss is also doing very well this year. First of all, it’s totally addicting! Also, customers are looking for fun that’s naughty but maybe not too naughty— something they can use out in the open or easily share with friends. We also revised our in-store marketing to make the product more self-explanatory and saw an immediate spike in sales.
For more information, visit exsens-paris.com.

Eye of Love
Jacqui Rubinoff

Our most successful products are our Pheromone Parfums because people are seeing fabulous results in their daily lives. They have also become very connected to our fragrances over the years and there is a great amount of customer loyalty. Singles and couples are using them as their everyday fragrance and in doing so they have achieved personal, professional and romantic goals.
For more information, visit eyeoflove.com.

Intimate Earth
Rebecca Powley

Our massage oils tend to be the best-selling line in any upscale adult store. The look of the luxurious packaging, the authentic scents and 100% natural oils make it the perfect start to any romantic and lustful night!
Massage oils are the number one staple that should be in any bath and body section. They are the most intimate of products, even more so than glides! It is multi-purpose: massage, adding into a romantic bath and everyday use after the shower!
For more information, visit intimate-earth.com.

“In-store clientele is changing. More women, more couples, less DVDs—everyone knows this. When people come in, they are potential buyers of anything that sets the mood or gets them ready, or constitutes after-care. A bath-and-body section acknowledges that side of their lives. Hygiene, massage, relaxation, all of these are potential added sales to someone’s sexy purchase.” -Rebecca Pinette-Dorin of Exsens

Kama Sutra
Patrick Trematerra

Since its inception in 1969 with Oil of Love, Kama Sutra is fortunate to have a loyal customer base for the various products produced. Of course, with our wide variety of bath and body products from sensual body powders, massage oils and lotions, to bath salts and shave crème, everyone has their favorite Kama Sutra product. But our Ignite massage candles have become most popular. Our candles stand out from the competition because they are luxurious, high-quality and easy to use. Made from organic coconut oil and wax-free, they melt into a rich, emollient massage oil that leaves no sticky residue on the skin. Our tins are designed with a convenient pour spout so you can easily pour the melted oil onto the body for massage. We currently offer our candles in six fabulous scents, each created to make the customer feel like they are on a relaxing getaway.
For more information, visit kamasutra.com.

Shunga Erotic Art
Jean-Pierre Hamelin

Inspired by the luxurious ritual of “Love Baths” from Japan, where eroticism is an indulgent art, Shunga Erotic Art offers today’s modern lovers a unique bath experience. Pour the contents of the first sachet into the bathtub and within minutes, the warm water will transform into thousands of small, delicate pearls overflowing with water and then form a gel filling the room with a perfumed aroma and coloring the water. Lovebath creates in a moment an ambiance perfect for lovers’ antics! The three fragrances include Ocean Temptations, Dragon Fruit and Sensual Lotus.
Shunga Erotic Art has been producing scented foaming Dead Sea salts for the past 15 years in decorated tins called Oriental Crystals. Shunga also thought of a different need for lovers—Moonlight Bath. Available in four fragrances—Lotus Flower, Ocean Breeze, Exotic Fruits and Aphrodisia—Moonlight Bath is also made of Dead Sea salts.
For more information, visit shunga.com.

“Romance and foreplay tend to get overlooked in this rush rush world. A section that is only for massage oils and bath products gets the consumer to stop and think about the plan for whole night, not just the ultimate ending! It’s a great reminder that we need to spend more time with our partners being tender and romantic.”
Rebecca Powley of Intimate Earth

System JO
David Greer

Our most popular bath and body products are our New Rosey Posey bath bomb, and our signature blend of pheromones, aphrodisiac and alluring aromas in our massage candles, massage oils, and massage lotions. Flirty (Blushing Berry) features flirty scents of Passion Fruit and Acai berry accompanying a gentle passion flower and Wild Rose Bouquet for a sweet and flirty encounter. Sassy (Tropical Tease) boasts the joyous fragrance of Purple Mangosteen swimming though a mixture of Tangerine and Star Jasmine for a fun and Sassy experience. With Naughty (Sinful Spring), Peony and Violet take center stage among an Almond Verbena backdrop to set the tone for a naughty and playful rendezvous.
We believe our products have found success because our playful brand invites couples everywhere to spend more intimate time together. Every irresistible item was enhanced with pheromones and aphrodisiacs, creating a sexually charged experience designed to improve attraction and strengthen connections. DONA helps create the mood for romance.
For more information, visit systemjo.com.

“When you’re shopping in an adult store, it’s natural to wonder if your skin is at its best—you want it to look and feel good if you’re about to get naked. If a customer has what he or she needs to feel confident peeling off their clothes, they’re more likely to indulge in that new lingerie or that new toy Plus, consumable products like shower gel and lotions are great ways to build repeat business. Travel size items are also very important; I’m a big fan of carrying lip balm near the register. People often shop for goodies to take on vacation or for a first sleep-over at a new partner’s place. Body care is a crucial part of those preparations and small sizes have been a huge hit for Earthly Body.” Georgene Smith Goodin of Earthly Body

Erik Vasquez

At Sliquid, we call our bath and body line The Balance Collection, and Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash is by far the most popular line in the Collection. Sliquid Splash is the ideal replacement for traditional soap when it comes to your most sensitive skin. Many adult retail consumers are paying more attention to what ingredients and materials are used in their lubricants and toys, and that translates well outside of the bedroom as well.
For more information, visit sliquid.com.

“The bath and body section is vital to an adult retail store because romance and intimacy are about more than just the act of sex itself. For one to feel sexy, they need to take the time to pamper themselves and make themselves feel beautiful, and this is where bath and body products come in. Romance comes naturally when you feel like you smell good, feel good and even taste good. Another reason the bath and body section is so important is that it draws in a wider customer demographic. People that may not usually shop in an adult store may feel more comfortable starting with bath and body products rather than going in the first time to purchase a toy or lubricant.”  Patrick Trematerra of Kama Sutra

Olivia’s Boudoir
Jeanette Maurer

Our most popular items are our massage oils followed by our bedroom candles. We have found success because of our definite differences—the look of the bottle and our custom fragrances. We package in beautiful glass, offering a different feel and visual connection than does plastic. The shape of the bottle is also a key part of the presentation, the curve and roundness of the bottle is a very desirable shape for both men and women. Our oils and candles are both made all naturally—the oils from cosmetic-grade coconut oil and the candles contain no zinc or lead in the wicks, no paraffin and are hand-poured into a beautiful glass container.
For more information, visit oliviasboudoir.com.

It is important to merchandise the bath in body section where the retailer can create an experience for the customer. You should always provide testers, samples, and display items out of the boxes so clients can smell, and try out the products. Some staple items would be massage oil, massage lotion, massage candles, bubble bath and bath bombs.”
David Greer of System Jo

Distributor’s Pick!
courtesy of Eldorado

Sensuva’s product lines are designed to help people feel turned on, aroused and more connected to their partner. Their product lines are also the most compact, making it easy for stores to pick up without making a large shelf space commitment. Sensuva takes pride in their use of original formulas, use of natural botanicals, essential oil extracts and healthy ingredients. The Sensuva line includes the Handipop line of flavored hand job massage gels, ON Arousal products for her and him, bubble bath, body mist and buzzing lip balm to name a few.
Sensuva has also recently released Provocatife, their line of hemp oil and pheromone-infused body care that combines the healing and soothing properties of hemp seed oil with the sex attractant properties of gender-friendly pheromones. The line contains a body butter, massage lotion, intimate shave cream and massage oil that consumers can use ranging from daily to intimate use.
For more information, visit sensuva.com or eldorado.net.

“Here are three key retailing elements for bath/body products: Product depth, quality brands and having stock. Let’s start with product depth. If you show only four different bath products, it will communicate that it’s not something the store often sells. Presenting 10 different bath products, or more, makes a much different retailing statement.
“Quality brands means having a product made for intimacy, not just for bathing. Shunga’s bath and shower gel, for example, is edible. It means that you can kiss the foam and not have a chemical aftertaste. You have to show products that are different and deliver a unique sensual experience.
“Last but not least: Have stock. If you have one box of each SKU or the tester and one product to sell, it won’t be at your store that they’ll shop next time, it will be on Amazon. That’s because they will doubt you will have the same product again. If you show three or more bottles of each, then they will probably think, “OK, next time I will go back to this store and I’m trying ‘Exotic Fruits’ instead of ‘Ocean Breeze.’ Here’s a good example of good merchandising in store.”  Jean-Pierre Hamelin of Shunga

Distributor’s Pick!
Classic Erotica
courtesy of Eldorado

Another great line of bath and body products comes from Classic Erotica. They offer everything from shave cream to cologne to candles to arousal creams. They also have the most extensive line of pheromone-infused products in the industry for both women and men in a variety of scents. The extensive product line makes it easy for people to layer the different pheromone products on each other for maximum effect. They provide everything you need for when you step out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.
Coochy Cream is one of the best sellers of the Classic Erotica line. The shave cream provides a smooth, moisturizing shave to any part of the body and helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. It comes in over six scents and three sizes, guaranteeing that every customer will find a scent they love.
For more information, visit classicerotica.net or eldorado.net.