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Bedroom Products is now shipping CLIMAX, a specially-enhanced clitoral stimulation serum developed for female pleasure.

CLIMAX is the first item in the Bedroom Products collection tailored specifically for women. The kissable, vegan formula contains vitamin E, cinnamon and natural flavors to induce a gentle warming sensation when applied externally.

The beginner-friendly serum heightens arousal by stimulating blood flow around the clitoris, which can help women achieve orgasm faster.

“We are very excited to introduce CLIMAX to the Bedroom Products collection, which has been geared towards the male market thus far,” said director of sales Tracy Leone.

Leone continued, “this clitoral arousal formula is perfect for beginners looking to experiment with their partner, which is synonymous with our core message. The sweet cinnamon scent and gentle warming sensation will definitely spice things up in the bedroom!

The company said it will continue to foster a sex-positive dialogue amongst pleasure products newcomers.

CLIMAX contains a set of four .169 oz. travel-friendly bottles. The four-pack set, merchandised in a sleek box, is also sold as a component to the Bedroom Products Gentlemen’s Collection point-of-purchase display.

CLIMAX is now shipping.

For sales information, contact Tracy Leone at (818) 888-8738 or tracy@bedroomproducts.com.

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