Blush sexual health and wellness brand, has joined forces with erotica platform QueerCrush to celebrate Pride Month, marking a shared vision for inclusive, consensual, and safe intimacy and pleasure for everyone. Blush’s award-winning products, known for being accessible, innovative, and 100% body-safe, perfectly complement QueerCrush’s mission to capture real, unscripted, authentic queer passion through film.

Both teams quickly discovered a shared passion and integrity, creating a synergistic bond. “At QueerCrush, we use a lot of toys. It is exciting to be partnered with Blush, a wonderful brand with a diverse catalog of extremely high-quality products,” says Electra Rayne, Founder and Director at QueerCrush. Verna Meng, Blush’s CEO and Founder, adds, “QueerCrush’s commitment to inclusivity aligns with our values at Blush. Their dedication to creating authentic queer content is commendable.” A QueerCrush representative noted, “We have such a diverse set of models, so being able to provide them with toys that support their identity both in design and verbiage is just incredible.”

This June, the QueerCrush Team will participate in Pride events along the West Coast, including Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland Pride. As QueerCrush’s official sponsor, Blush will provide pride-themed sex toys and other branded merchandise for giveaways and raffles. “We appreciate that Blush already had a line of Pride-themed toys, including flag colors for the lesbian, bisexual, transgender flags, and more. By supporting QueerCrush, a company with a 100% Sapphic staff that also serves the queer community directly, Blush is showing they don’t just ‘talk the talk’ of supporting Pride, they walk the walk as well,” declares Rayne.

Both brands are excited to extend this partnership beyond Pride, with future campaigns promoting sexual health and inclusivity year-round. Together, Blush and QueerCrush are not only celebrating Pride but also paving the way for a more authentic representation of intimacy and pleasure in the adult industry.