Blush is proud to present their latest in lifelike pleasure innovation: Dr. Skin Silicone Vibrating Dildos. These high-quality, ultra-realistic vibrating dildos are the newest additions to the extremely popular Dr. Skin family, and they offer a convenient flexible design.

Blush’s exclusive Ultrasilk buttery-smooth silicone material matched with Flexishaft technology keeps the shaft of Dr. Skin Silicone dildos erect while still able to flex and conform to the user’s body. Offering an unparalleled realistic feel with 10 powerful vibration modes powered by two AA batteries, Dr. Skin Silicone Vibrating Dildos come in four styles made in both Beige and Brown tones: Dr. Robert 7-inch, Dr. Steve 7-inch, Dr. David 8-inch, and Dr. Richard 9-inch.

“Dr. Skin has had consistent growth in the marketplace, and expanding the line’s vibrating offerings simply makes sense,” Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini says. “Every product we have added to the line has gone on to sell well, and we are excited to bring these new vibrating options to market. Flexishaft technology is a game-changer and gives users more control and comfort with their pleasure experience, which our customers appreciate, and their affordable price points keep them competitive. We expect Dr. Skin Silicone Vibrating Dildos to perform quite well!”

Due to Dr. Skin’s popularity, Blush is also offering store support items, including an exciting new tester display that measures 6.125”L x 7.75”W x 8”H. This eye-catching display includes three material testers that are tempting to touch, allowing shoppers to feel the difference between the different materials that Dr. Skin brand features – including Ultrasilk silicone – before making their choice.

The new Dr. Skin Silicone Vibrating Dildos are packaged in sturdy boxes suitable for shelving or slatwall display. The Dr. Skin materials display is available free for retailers, so contact your preferred Blush representative to get yours!

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