Blush has proudly launched a dynamic planogram and merchandising program that gives retailers access to detailed planograms, as well as testers, display accessories, merchandising support and more – all at a special discounted price.

This exciting new program is an opportunity for retailers to expand Blush collections in their stores, effectively use their space to optimize visibility and sales, and have the tools available to help market them. The planogram and merchandising program offers retailer support for some of Blush’s most popular and best-selling lines, including Dr. Skin, Au Natural, Loverboy, Luxe, Naturally Yours, B Yours, M for Men, Stay Hard, Wellness, Lush, and Anal Adventures.

“Today’s adult retail consumer is savvier than ever and with so much product to choose from, it’s more important than ever to boost brand visibility,” Blush Sales Manager Nancy Cosimini says. “Our merchandising kits feature all the relevant details for each collection, including tester units, and save retailers the need to source the information from multiple places. And our planograms make it easy to stock the essential Blush brands and their top sellers in a pre-planned wall display. Supporting brick-and-mortar stores is important to us and we’re happy to give our customers some serious bang for their buck.”

Planograms and digital catalogs are available through distributors or Blush’s website, Retailers are encouraged to connect with their sales reps for any help they need to ensure their staff is as knowledgeable as possible about the company’s products.

To view Blush’s newest catalog, please log into your account at to start browsing!