(Note: This cover story appears in the December issue of Storerotica Magazine)

The newest offering from CalExotics, My Pod, is a massager that seamlessly blends next-gen technology — including convenient, powerful recharging and UV sanitization — with intimate pleasure for discreet solo or couples fun.

For all the futurism displayed in The Jetsons — flying cars, holograms, AI, and moving walkways— there was one facet of life, understandably, that was left unexplored: Intimacy.

Have no fear, George and Jane, CalExotics has unveiled a product worthy of Orbit City: My Pod.

Move over, Tim Cook — there’s a new kind of Pod on the market.

“During the development process for My Pod, our goal was to create a product that was as sleek and sophisticated as all of your other smart devices,” says Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics.

And so the CalExotics team focused on three principles when crafting My Pod: Convenience, portability and cleanliness.

A wireless charging case grants the product its convenience; the discreet case exemplifies portability; and cleanliness comes in spades with My Pod’s UV light technology that cleans and sanitizes the massager every time it’s inserted into the case.

“In less than 10 minutes, you have a clean, charged massager ready to go,” says Colvin. “We felt these three components were the perfect combination for our next innovative pleasure product.”

Tech-savvy = sexy
In business, it’s key to know your audience. So it should be no surprise that with a name like “My Pod,” CalExotics had its eyes set on the smartphone and tech-savvy generation when this product was being designed.

“Everything about this product was made with this target demographic in mind,” says Colvin. “My Pod’s look and feel is reminiscent of a tech device with the sleek, modern design, clean white color and discreet case. My Pod boasts many of the same features and benefits of the latest tech devices, making it the new standard of smart personal tech.”

CalExotics is a company that prides itself on being a leader in innovative pleasure products, “with a long list of first-ever innovations that helped change the industry,” says Colvin. “This includes being the first to manufacture a solar-powered intimate product, the first to introduce a remote egg-style massager, the first to create rechargeable rabbit-style vibrators and so much more. We are now adding another first-ever innovation to our company with My Pod. It’s just another example of CalExotics’ pioneering spirit that will help change the industry again.”

“My Pod is the perfect marriage of tech and intimacy,” Colvin adds, pointing to the wireless tech built into the case and the massager as well as its sanitizing capabilities. “The intimacy portion can be seen in the vibrating massager. The massager provides endless pleasure with seven different vibration settings.”

My Pod’s look and feel is reminiscent of a tech device with the sleek, modern design, clean white color and discreet case. My Pod boasts many of the same features and benefits of the latest tech devices, making it the new standard of smart personal tech. — Susan Colvin

And, similar to groundbreaking companies that revolutionize any market segment, CalExotics listened to what its customers were clamoring for.

“We looked at a lot of customer feedback,” says Colvin. “We looked at what consumers said they wanted in a pleasure product and how we could best incorporate that into one exceptional product.”

One of the most resounding points of feedback? The ease of properly charging a product.

“Consumers love that many of our products are USB rechargeable, but they want more advanced charging capabilities,” says Colvin. “In addition, product cleanliness was another area of concern for consumers. They love that many of our products are waterproof, making cleaning easy, but they wanted something that took their products’ cleanliness to the next level. Because these comments were seen most frequently, we knew focusing on these areas would be great additions to our next product.”

My Pod: Packed with perks
Just like AirPods — the ubiquitous white headphones that introduced new features not seen in wireless earbuds up to that point — My Pod is packed with a variety of features and benefits.

“We looked to deliver a convenient pleasure experience while also offering variety and immense pleasure,” Colvin says. “The convenience of My Pod is with its wireless charging case and sanitizing capabilities. The variety and immense pleasure come from the sleek vibrating massager. The massager is extremely powerful with seven different vibration patterns to choose from.”

In addition to those vibe patterns, check out some of the other features My Pod offers:

High-powered tungsten motor. The tungsten motor produces deep, rumbling vibrations while also being whisper quiet.

Seven functions of vibration. Experience new sensations with seven different functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Waterproof massager. Enjoy the massager in or out of the water.

UV Sanitizer. The massager drops easily into the charging case and automatically cleans and sanitizes within 10 minutes.

Travel lock. Playtime when you want it. Simply hold down the button on the massager for three seconds to start the fun.

Contact magnetic charging. Maximize portability and wirelessly charge the massager with the discreet case.

USB rechargeable. Convenient power management.

Battery indicator lights. Easy readout of remaining power level.

“When creating My Pod, we researched a variety of tech devices and their capabilities. We then looked at what would be a good crossover into pleasure products,” says Colvin of the impetus for the wireless charging case as well as a wireless massager. “Wireless charging was the first thing that came to mind, as it’s one of the latest features in many tech devices.

“The ease this provides to the user is monumental — users can travel without worry and have a fully charged product on demand,” Colvin adds. “The case allows the vibe to be stored, transported and charged with ease. It is also so discreet; it blends in with all your other smart devices.”

And the massager’s sanitizing capabilities couldn’t come at a more appropriate time when a lot of consumers have sanitization at the forefront of their minds.

“We worked on the My Pod design and technology for over a year, which was long before the COVID-19 pandemic began,” says Colvin. “However, the sanitizing capability is an ideal feature during these uncertain times. It gives users that extra sense of assurance their product is clean anytime they want to use it.”

Seeing — and feeling — is believing
As for getting My Pod in your customer’s hands, CalExotics is ahead of that, too.

“So much consumer research shows that getting a product in the hands of a consumer is one of the best ways to get them to make a purchase,” Colvin points out. “In fact, according to a 21-year study by Proctor & Gamble, people are willing to pay more for an item they touch and feel.”

My Pod is no exception.

“We knew we needed to get the product into people’s hands,” Colvin adds. “The technology is something they haven’t seen in a pleasure product before, so providing that personalized experience is key to not only selling the product, but also introducing consumers to the technology.”

And since online shopping is thriving — even more so because of pandemic-time quarantine orders and a general anxiety of mingling in high-traffic areas — CalExotics values the importance of delivering that in-person experience online as well. This includes enhanced images that show every angle of the product, along with highlighting its features and benefits via a variety of videos, including how-to vids, showcasing every aspect of My Pod.

“Our goal was to offer an elevated shopping experience, both in-person and online,” Colvin says.

And My Pod is just the beginning as CalExotics ushers in this era of unbridled optimism and pleasure, as tech and intimacy merge.

“We are looking at a variety of ways to expand on the My Pod technology,” says Colvin. “The idea of a device that is self-contained, wirelessly charges and cleans itself is revolutionary, and that technology can be applied to a variety of other pleasure products.”

For more information, visit b2b.calexotics.com or call (909) 606-1950.