Now that CuckWeek — a celebration of couples taking pleasure in their partner sleeping with others for sexual gratification – has come to a close, The MŌN Social Audio App ( is still doing a lot of talking about this very intriguing and scintillating lifestyle.

On the heels of its ‘Kink & Cuckolding’ live event with featured user Venus Cuckoldress of popular podcast, The MŌN App returned the favor last Friday (January 28) with its exclusive live audio event ‘Cuck Love for Cuck Week’ with Cuckoldress.

“MŌN is the perfect platform to have discussions for celebrating the First Annual Cuck Week, which is about celebrating the diverse world of cuckoldry,” said Cuckoldress, “and has allowed many of us in the cuckolding community to host a variety of discussions to highlight the diversity of this dynamic, combat negative stigma and shame that often accompanies the lifestyle, and celebrate the love and empowerment felt by those who have embraced this amazing and unique kind of relationship.”

Nookie, founder of, featured MŌN user and #Cuckold Story Time, enthused, “I love hosting my kink (and cuckolding) chats on MŌN, because people feel like they can be both anonymous and expressive with just their voice, screen name and chosen avatar. It leads to amazing, insightful and vulnerable conversations.”

Aine, also a featured user and host of Sexualchemy Podcast, said, “The MŌN app has been a game-changer for me and my ability to engage with the sex-positive community. And for #CuckWeek, it has been an amazing place for the cuckolding community to gather in a safe zone, where other curious bystanders have had the opportunity to learn so much about this very misunderstood relationship container.”

Mistress K, CuckWeek speaker and featured MŌN user, added, “I specifically thought the MŌN app would be a great platform for talks during CuckWeek because the anonymity helps to promote a safe, sex positive atmosphere that can foster real dialogue and honest questions about cuckolding, kink and ENM. Shame can’t flourish in safety and understanding.”

The official organizers of CuckWeek said, “CuckWeek began as a small seed of an idea to help celebrate the incredibly diverse Cuckold & Hotwife lifestyle, but it very quickly became a movement. It has been made all the more successful and accessible because of the MŌN app. They have provided a delightful space where the sexual community can talk and be heard.”

The App, whose live voice-chat audio format promotes a new kind of conversation exploration and education through expert-led panels and user-generated rooms, offers a truly safe and inclusive community free of harassment, bigotry and discrimination of any kind.

Caleth Jones, the company’s Founder/CEO, said, “With the completion of our CuckWeek celebrations, filled with rousing debates with bloggers, podcasters and educators such as Venus Cuckoldress, we are excited at the opportunity to highlight the topic and enlighten people who may have never heard of it before.

“Since our app’s debut a few weeks ago, we were excited to see the surge of new users joining and engaging with the MŌN community, and pleased that people are interested in an audio app that provokes a pleasure response that resonates with our listeners. Stay tuned – we’re just getting warmed up!”

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