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The question most frequently asked about Preston Garland is whether he will return to Eldorado after he completes graduate school. The answer is a resounding yes, though he stresses that it is still unclear what capacity that next role might take.

Preston took a sabbatical from Eldorado last summer to pursue an MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He purposely chose to study full time and in person over other program options, so he could focus on his academics and enjoy the grad school experience while making friends and professional contacts amongst other future business leaders. 

But the pandemic abruptly changed that experience. Instead, he will complete his education via fully remote lectures and discussion delivered through his computer screen. Understandably disappointed, Preston also appreciates this experience for the opportunity it is.

“There is no going back to business as usual,” Preston says. “How we excel in this environment is a matter of adjusting our thinking and adapting to this new normal.”

Wanda (left) heads up another meeting with Preston (far right)

He suggests success is dependent on finding innovative solutions that make the most of current technologies. Although he enjoys personal interactions better, he suspects there will be many video meetings as well as virtual trade shows and conferences in the industry’s future.

His return to Eldorado happened during the summer school break, when most Eldorado employees were still working remotely for safety reasons. Nobody is happier for his return than his mother, Wanda. 

“Preston chose to spend his summer break shadowing me as we addressed the unique challenges of running a business during a global pandemic,” says Wanda. “His help has been invaluable. I know Larry would be so proud of him.” 

“There is no going back to business as usual. How we excel in this environment is a matter of adjusting our thinking and adapting to this new normal.” – Preston Garland

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