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Dyan Evan has learned a thing or two about the value of good communication since she first started at Eldorado seven years ago. Initially, she worked in the sales department as a Fulfillment Support Specialist. She eventually transitioned to Sales Supervisor, managing the sales support representatives. In this role, Dyan coordinates with purchasing, managing vendor assets such as testers, lubricant foil packs, product displays and other marketing collateral.

Dyan also works closely with the warehouse team, doing whatever she can to ensure incoming sales orders are accounted for and eventually make it out the door. Should an order get stuck somewhere in the system, Dyan is the one who notices the disconnect and works to get that order back on track. 

“She knows that when we don’t communicate, orders don’t go out,” shares Patty Gilmore, Warehouse Manager.

Dyan ensures that communication is seamless at Eldorado

To facilitate the order and shipment process, Dyan spent time with the warehouse team learning about their processes, and in particular, what keeps the workflow smooth and what causes slowdowns. She understands time is money. Reducing workflow interruptions due to incomplete or outdated information was not only a financial drain, but a source of employee frustration.

Over the last year, Dyan took the initiative to work with the account managers to clean up outdated and missing customer notes and addresses in the Eldorado sales management software. Old addresses were updated and notes about customer preferences and priorities were refreshed and, in many cases, simplified. 

Her effort has noticeably improved the communication between the two teams, including fewer phone calls, less frustration, and increased productivity. 

“Our number-one priority is making customers happy,” says packing lead Kyle Bencomo. “That’s a lot easier now, thanks to Dyan.”

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