Eldorado Trading Company, the award-winning international distributor of adult toys, party supplies, and lingerie, announces the arrival of Verséa Wellness Center displays, an exciting healthcare line of products in partnership with Doc Johnson. Verséa Health is a full-service Doc Johnson partner that offers a diversified portfolio of innovative, high-quality, CLIA-waived point-of-care (POC), over-the-counter (OTC), and lab-based testing solutions.

With U.S. demand for at-home testing products projected to grow to $11.6B by 2030, this wellness center display is a new market, bringing healthcare into the adult sexual health and wellness industry. By broadening the adult retail shopper’s view of the type of products and services that could be conveniently available for them, this display should efficiently expand the adult retailer’s share of wallet opportunity compared to retail competitors.

The Doc Johnson Wellness Center will include the OTC products that will be provided by Verséa Health:

Morning After Emergency Contraceptive Pill

6 Panel at Home Drug Test

Yeast Infection Test

UTI Test

Pregnancy Test

Ovulation Test

Scott Watkins, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Doc Johnson, shares, “I’ve long believed that home-use diagnostic tests should be standard in adult stores, so I’m truly excited for Doc Johnson to launch this new vertical. Our community of adult retailers offers a shame-free safe place to be educated and serviced, so I believe having these health-and-wellness products in an environment where consumers already feel comfortable will be beneficial to many.”

Preston Garland, Eldorado Vice President, agrees how beneficial this display kit could be for Eldorado customers. He adds, “Eldorado believes strongly that providing access to the Verséa products allows our customers to continue being integral parts of their communities by providing access to important sexual wellness and health products.”

For more information about Doc Johnson Wellness Center displays or other Doc Johnson products, please contact your Eldorado Account Manager. For more information about Eldorado, please call 800.525.0848 or visit www.eldorado.net.