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Entrenue has been named exclusive U.S. adult distributor of exciting new small-batch CBD pre-rolls from lifestyle brand Bella, makers of the top-selling CBD lubricants and bath and body products. Available in two formulas, these luxurious pre-rolls are an ideal crossover item that users can enjoy as a self-care ritual or post-sex treat, and each U.S.-made pre-roll boasts 250mg of CBD.

Bella pre-rolls are available in two formulas, the uplifting Energy and the calming Relax. Bella pre-rolls are made in small batches and individually sealed in a plastic container to retain maximum freshness. Bella uses only the freshest flowers to produce a high-quality product that even the most discerning pre-roll aficionados will appreciate.

“We are thrilled to serve as the exclusive U.S. adult distributor for Bella’s new pre-rolls, which are an exciting addition to our catalog,” Entrenue Senior Sales and Buyer Kim Maty says. “Bella’s CBD lubricants remain a strong part of the Entrenue portfolio, and these small-batch pre-rolls are a perfect CBD-only treat featuring all of the benefits of CBD with none of the ‘high’ typically associated with cannabis. Our customers love pre-rolls, and we are so excited to be able to offer some from a woman-owned small business like Bella.”

Entrenue also offers Bella’s best-selling CBD-infused lubricants, available in water-based, silicone, and hybrid formulas, as well as massage oil, bath salts, and several CBD-based creams. Bella products are all tested by third-party labs to ensure that they contain the correct levels of CBD. Bella packaging is sleek and luxe-looking for a classic, high-end look at affordable prices.

To view Entrenue’s newest catalog, please log into your account at www.entrenue.com to start browsing!

To place an order, please call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.

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