Entrenue is proud to serve as the exclusive U.S. distributor for CRUIZR, makers of cutting-edge penis pleasure products. They are now shipping four high-tech masturbators and one pump from this exciting company.

The CRUIZR products available from Entrenue are:

  • CSO8 Automatic Penis Pump With Suction Function, a luxury penis pump with a unique suction function.
  • CPO1 Rotating and Sucking Masturbator, a feature-packed masturbator with 10 rotating and 5 sucking functions. The helical spinning motion and warming function make for a realistic sensation.
  • CMO6 Vibrating Masturbator with Voice Activator, a unique penis stimulator with 10 different vibration settings, a soft flexible sleeve with a vaginal opening, and a voice activator button that allows users to enjoy a sultry female voice that clearly lets them know she’s enjoying it as much as they are. It also comes equipped with a headphone jack for discreet use.
  • CMO4 Rotating Masturbator, a penis stimulator that features 3 speeds of rotating, spiraling motion that can go in either direction as well as a studded and ribbed interior for a lifelike sensation.
  • CP02 Rotating and Vibrating Automatic Masturbator Rechargeable, a luxurious masturbator with an up-and-down movement and a 15-mode vibrating function.

“We are always excited to expand our penis-centric offerings and CRUIZR has taken it to a new level,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella says. “Often adult retail products are aimed at clitoral or G-spot stimulation, but folks with penises want to play too! CRUIZR understands that and delivers masturbators and pumps packed with all the bells and whistles that we expect in high-tech toys. As we head into the holiday shopping season, we want retailers to know that Entrenue is a go-to source for beautiful gift-worthy products for everyone, including folks with penises!”

Each CRUIZR product is splashproof, USB-rechargeable, and comes with a QR code on the packaging that allows users to quickly and easily download the product manual.

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