Entrenue is now shipping the Mimic + PLUS, the highly anticipated and much-talked-about new release from Clandestine Devices. The Mimic + PLUS updates the original Mimic with a bigger body, an intensely more powerful motor and two new bright hues, giving customers the evolved handheld massager shoppers have been asking for.

Crafted with pleasure and comfort in mind, the Mimic + PLUS features a bigger version of the original Mimic’s signature stingray-like shape, which fits comfortably in the user’s hand without need for gripping. The user-friendly ergonomic design conforms to the body’s shape, allowing the user to focus the intense vibrations for pinpoint pleasure or cover a broader surface area for massage. The Mimic + PLUS takes the unparalleled Mimic experience to a new level.

“We decided to come out with the Mimic + PLUS for all of the folks who admired the intuitive shape of the Mimic, but desired more power,” said Kimberly Faubel, director of operations at Clandestine Devices. “We have so much gratitude for the success of our flagship product. It was quite apparent, however, that there were plenty of consumers who responded positively to the versatility and contours of the Mimic but craved more intense vibrations and greater surface area. Sex toy buyers know there are all sorts of people with all sorts of bodies that are investing in their personal products, so it made complete sense for us to broaden our demographic with an extremely strong vibrator.”

The highly-anticipated Mimic + PLUS features a larger body than its predecessor with an expanded bullet-vibe compartment. The Mimic + PLUS is 100% waterproof, features body-safe silicone construction, 8 vibration patterns, 6 levels of intensity, and offers 120 minutes of use from a single charge. Additional features include a travel lock and a new, dimmer LED light that glows when the lights go down.

“As an inclusive brand, with partners like Entrenue who share these values, we want to extend our reach to a never-ending-spectrum of toy users,” Faubel said. “The Mimic + PLUS is our first step in reaching new people. Entrenue has been supportive of us from the beginning, so we are anticipating a fantastic response to the new, rumbly addition to our line.”

Available in two colors – the sleek and luxurious Stealth Grey or the jewel-toned Magenta – the Mimic + PLUS has an upscale appearance, as aesthetic that’s carried over in its beautiful and modern marketing. Marketing materials featuring chic photography are available with a minimum purchase and are designed to catch shoppers’ eyes.

“We loved the Mimic and we’re thrilled to offer the Mimic + Plus to our customers,” Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said. “It’s always great when a company takes consumer feedback and uses it to improve an already popular product, and that’s just what Clandestine Devices did with the Mimic + PLUS! The original Mimic is such a great product and will still be available to customers, but the next generation version with its powerful motor is quite impressive. With its unique shape, bigger and stronger motor, and beautiful packaging, we think Mimic + Plus has been well worth wait.”

To place an order, contact your preferred representative, call (800) 368-7268, or email info@entrenue.com.

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