Entrenue is proud to be shipping the fun and colorful Unicorn Collection from COTR, featuring limited-edition sets from b-Vibe and le Wand and a brand-new permanent premium edition of the Cowgirl sex machine. Shipping just in time for summer and offering stores super-fun, eye-catching items for their shelves, The Unicorn Collection is whimsical, creative, and includes the cute pins, stickers, and accessories that COTR sets are known for.

Gallop into a world of sunshine with the b-Vibe Special Edition Unicorn Plug, featuring a medium-sized USB-rechargeable, splashproof plug with a magical twist texture that’s equipped with 6 vibration patterns, 10 levels of intensity, and a 19-inch removable rainbow tail. The set also includes a backpack, glow-in-the-dark sticker set, enamel pin, and a Guide to Living Your Best Unicorn Life, all with an MSRP of $150.

Let Le Wand’s Special Edition Unicorn Wand take shoppers away to a fantasyland of magically powerful orgasms. Featuring 10 distinctive, rumbly vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns, the rechargeable Unicorn Wand can also provide satisfying internal stimulation with the included bumpy texture cover. The Unicorn Wand’s soft silicone head and flexible neck allow it to conform to the body for comfort, while its lengthy handle and easy-to-use controls allow for effortless maneuvering. This special-edition set comes complete with a textured attachment, a drawstring pouch for convenient storage and travel, an educational Pleasure Guide, a cute card for gifting with stickers, a keychain and a patch — each one adorned with a colorful unicorn. Le Wand’s Special Edition Unicorn Wand has an MSRP of $250.

The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine is a new take on the classic Cowgirl sex machine and is a permanent addition to the popular brand. Featuring two fun fantasy attachments, users can saddle up for euphoria with penetrative and non-penetrative stimulation. The corded LED remote can crank up the power while the detachable rainbow tail flogger can bring some color to playtime. With 400 pounds of weight capacity, the Unicorn is the perfect adventure partner for solo or partner rides. Each one comes complete with a multi-colored floor mat, a global adaptor, and a user manual. The Unicorn Premium Sex Machine has an MSRP of $1,750.

“We are so excited about the Unicorn Collection from COTR and can’t wait to hear what our customers love about it!” Entrenue Senior Sales & Buyer Kim Maty says. “We love working with COTR and seeing what colorful and creative stuff they come up with. The Unicorn Collection takes these top-selling products to the next level and offer a fun invitation to shoppers who are new or curious to the brand, plus something special for seasoned fans to bring home.”

COTR’s Unicorn Collection comes in bright, youthful, and welcoming rainbow unicorn-themed packaging perfect for creating eye-catching displays with tons of shelf appeal. Sets are available for a limited time only.

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