Entrenue is now shipping two brand-new shapes from Femme Funn: the Cora pulsating dual stimulator and the Dioni wearable finger vibrator. The dual-motor Cora delivers 10 powerful thumping and vibrating modes, while the Dioni is shaped to fit completely over a curved finger to turn it into a literal pleasure appendage.

The Cora’s uniquely shaped splash-proof, wireless, premium silicone shape is designed to stimulate a wide variety of erogenous zones, allowing users to explore exciting new sensations. Cora is available in purple and light blue.

The Dioni features an ergonomic shape and is equipped with a powerful waterproof motor boasting 20 intense vibrating modes with a boost function to take play to the next level. Available in two finger-accommodating sizes, Small and Large, Dioni harmoniously blends human interaction and electrifying vibrations, bridging the gap between technology and touch.

“Femme Funn products are so much fun and add a pop of color to store shelves,” Entrenue CEO and owner Joe Casella says. “Cora offers a reliable form of dual stimulation with double the power, while Dioni offers a one-of-a-kind shape – we’ve never seen a finger vibe literally shaped for the entire finger! These fun and unique shapes round out the brand’s catalog and ship in time for the holidays. Our customers appreciate Femme Funn’s high-quality construction and budget-friendly prices, and we expect Cora and Dioni to make a strong impression!”

With modern, fun, bright colors and eye-catching designs, Femme Funn products make for bold, eye-catching displays. Contact your Entrenue rep to talk about display and merchandising options.

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