(Note: This story appears in the December 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

*Story by Ryan Carlson

From his start with “Durand Dirties” Drive-In Theater, Harry Mohney has built nothing short of an adult empire, which today boasts the Déjà Vu Love Boutiques and the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas.

Harry Mohney, 78, pioneered the modern adult retail concept in the early 1960s. As an unemployed carpenter, Mohney was hired as a projectionist at a failing drive-in movie theater in the small town of Durand, Michigan.

Dubbed the “Big Daddy of drive-in porn theaters” by The Daily Beast, Harry opened the Screen Drive-In in 1966 in Durand, Michigan, which gave way to the term “Durand Dirties” as locals described the movies shown at the Screen-In. Mohney’s decision to show skin flicks at his drive-in started a national trend, as porn movies began showing up on the screens of drive-ins from upstate New York to Texas, a trend that survived well into the 1980s.

Not surprisingly, “adult” drive-ins led to adult theaters and stores, which would eventually play a key role in the growth of Mohney’s burgeoning lineup of adult businesses. And over the course of the next five decades, Mohney played a vital role in the expansion of the Déjà Vu brand, as well as the industry at large. He fought one court battle after another as religions zealots and politicians aimed to shut gentlemen’s clubs and adult stores down. It’s no exaggeration to call Harry Mohney a First Amendment crusader, a title he proudly wears to this day.

Ultimately, Mohney led the largest adult film and novelty distribution operation in history. While he was arrested 73 times over 40 years for obscenity-related charges, he was never convicted. His legal fights culminated in numerous precedent-setting cases, with two victories at the US Supreme Court.

Today, Mohney’s legacy lives on as the Déjà Vu group, the largest combined group of adult retail stores (Déjà Vu Love Boutiques) and adult nightclubs in the world. Mohney is also the founder of the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, with 17,000 square feet dedicated to the history of erotica.

— Ryan Carlson is the CEO of Deja Vu Services, Inc.


(Note: This story appears in the December 2021 issue of SE Magazine)

*Story by Nichole Grossman 

Jackie White has been one of the most visible women in adult retail, including a tenure that spans CalExotics’ entire lifespan.

Jackie White began her career in the adult industry in 1992. Susan Colvin hired Jackie to be her executive assistant for an adult distribution company, CPLC. She quickly became an essential member of the team, and when Susan Colvin began CalExotics, Jackie was the first person asked to join the company.

Jackie has been with CalExotics since day one. She has been instrumental in the growth of CalExotics and is involved in every aspect of the business. As the Executive Vice President, Jackie leads the sales team and helps drives creative decisions and product designs. In fact, Jackie is responsible for many best-selling, iconic products from the CalExotics brand, including the Butterfly Kiss, Clitteriffic and California Dreaming collection.

Not only is Jackie a valued member of the CalExotics team, but she is also an icon in the adult industry. As one of the first female leaders in the adult business, Jackie has helped shape the industry by adding a unique, special touch to everything she does. Her hard work and determination have helped pave the way for so many others, and you can see her efforts in many different aspects of the business today.

After 30 years in the industry, Jackie will retire from CalExotics. She is irreplaceable with her infectious smile, warmth and wit. Jackie is loved, respected and admired, and is a true industry icon.

— Nichole Grossmann is the Director of Marketing for CalExotics