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Sex-positive PR and marketing firm Hodder Media Inc. is celebrating 10 years of business working in the wellness, lingerie and pleasure product industries with a sex-positive spin. Founded by industry veteran Anne Hodder-Shipp, Hodder Media Inc. offers PR, marketing, copywriting, and social media services with a common goal: developing brand reputation through compelling, creative messaging and media placement.

Hodder-Shipp founded Hodder Media Inc. in 2009 after working as a journalist at adult trade magazine XBIZ, where she honed an expertise in sex toy design, marketing and promotion. After five years of consistent growth, she received her first sex education certification training from the prestigious San Francisco Sex Information program and began incorporating sexual health information into PR campaigns to give clients a competitive edge.

Hodder Media Inc. also provides companies with staff trainings to equip employees with sex-positive tools and information to use on the sales floor. This foundational understanding enables staff to make better product recommendations, appropriately and accurately respond to consumers’ questions, and gain confidence when discussing common sex-related topics, including safe sex, sexual health, gender and consent.

To learn more about Hodder Media Inc. and its services, please visit http://www.hoddermedia.com/ or contact Hodder-Shipp directly at anne@annehodder.com.

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