Pleasure products distributor Holiday Products announced they have begun shipping the inclusive Playboy Pleasure collection by Evolved Novelties. 

Playboy Pleasure, which is the first-ever grouping of Playboy branded toys, is a growing collection that includes various unique new designs, as well as products that offer a modern take on classic styles. From toys with flickering tongues to a first-of-its-kind flapper shaft, to multi-motor cock rings, they’ve carefully designed a collection of crowd-pleasers with attention to detail. The creators also know you need lubricant and toy cleaner to go along with their offerings, so those are available under the brand as well.

Perfect for anyone looking to mix things up, this first wave of Playboy Pleasure items is available in various colors, and they don’t discriminate based on gender or sexuality. All items in the collection are cohesively packaged in elegant white magnetic-closure boxes with an opalescent sheen that features beautiful item imagery as well as gender neutral product descriptions.

“I am beyond excited to be debuting our newest brand,” says Evolved’s Sales, Education & Sex Toy Unicorn Lucy Vonne D’Olimpio. She goes on to note, “Playboy is a fabulous partner and the items we are creating have some wonderful features for so many different people.”

Holiday’s Sales & Operations Manager Veronica Garcia notes, “Playboy Pleasure is an absolute essential for Playboy merch lovers, as each item discreetly features the iconic Playboy Rabbit Head logo.” She continues, “It’s always exciting to see how well Evolved really listens to consumer feedback, and the items in this newest assortment really showcase their designers’ creativity.”

Senior Account Manager and Product Specialist Molly Romeo adds, “The Playboy Pleasure collection has generated an enthusiastic retailer response since it was announced. I love when a toy line actively encourages consumer creativity, so I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.”

To learn more about the Playboy Pleasure collection or Evolved Novelties, you can contact a Holiday Account Manager at 800-266-5969, visit, or email

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