Edonista is proud to welcome April Hoopes to their team as their Director of Sales.

A 19-year industry veteran residing in Cleveland, Ohio, April joined the novelty side of the industry in 2007. Initially working for a large retail chain based in Cleveland, she worked her way up from sales associate and store manager to district manager. By 2017, Hoopes transitioned to manufacturing with a sales and education role at Evolved Novelties and in 2021 accepted the Director of Sales position with Nu Sensuelle. 

“With her almost 20 years of experience in the adult products industry, both on the manufacturing and retail sides, April is an invaluable addition to our company’s team” states Edonista’s head of HR.

April’s dedication and passion for her work awarded her the 2022 SE Award for Brand Ambassador of the Year. As a well-known industry professional, April has demonstrated unmatched loyalty to product quality as well as to continuous education to keep herself up to date with any new industry technologies.

The team at Edonista believe that April’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm will be a key contribution to the line they are looking to develop in the near future. With female members making up for the majority of the team, Edonista seeks to develop a curated selection of products that can cater for all bodies and preferences. 

“Many of Edonista’s goals and missions aligned with mine and that was a fundamental decision for me in joining their team. They are a brand that is dedicated to education and growth and freeing the stigma that sex is shameful and dirty. For Edonista, it’s not just about ‘How do we create another product?’ but ‘How do we create something that’s going to be better?’ or ‘How is this going to make a difference?’ And that’s our goal moving forward. That’s how we continue to make change. We’re going to do some pretty unique things, not just with products but with marketing and store support as well.” says Hoopes. 

Hoopes will dedicate her skills to expand Edonista’s customer base and provide her signature top of the line trainings to store personnel and overall service, contributing to the brand’s growth worldwide. 

April Hoopes can now be reached at april@edonista.fun