is now shipping the newest additions to the award-winning Master Series collection of advanced BDSM gear: a wall-mounted St. Andrew’s Cross and two brand-new versions of the popular Extreme Obedience Chair. Home dungeons are more popular than ever, and these latest offerings make it possible to create the ultimate playroom even in compact spaces.

The Master Series St. Andrew’s Cross features a clever wall-mounted design that takes up zero floor space while delivering the full St. Andrew’s Cross experience. Featuring luxe padded cushions and multiple attachment points for accessories, the Master Series St. Andrew’s Cross delivers comfort and nearly endless play potential for people of almost any height.

The Master Series Stretching Obedience Chair and the Master Series Obedience Chair with Sex Machine are exciting new versions of the original Extreme Obedience Chair, which caused quite a stir when it was unveiled last year. The two new designs take the Obedience Chair to a whole new level while keeping many of the original chair’s best features.

The Extreme Obedience Chair with Sex Machine comes complete with a removeable sex machine that can thrust up to 195 times per minute and a vacuum-lock-style dildo. It features a fully adjustable design with a supported backrest and separate adjustable surfaces to cradle each leg, allowing users to be securely held in whatever position they’re put in.

The Master Series Stretching Obedience Chair features the same plush pads, quick release buckles, and durable design, but also with leg supports that stretch significantly wider than the original, allowing users to test their limits like never before. And if that’s not enough, it is compatible with the Master Series Dicktator Extreme Sex Machine (sold separately)!

“BDSM lovers can’t go wrong with Master Series and their expansion into furniture and extreme positioning aids has been a smart move,” Wholesale Supervisor Brenda Reynoso says. “No one is better at creating high-quality kinky gear that can work within the space constraints that many face at home or in smaller dungeon spaces. The wall-mounted St. Andrew’s Cross is so clever and convenient, and the two new Obedience Chairs add even more features to the original design. We’re thrilled to offer our shoppers such well-made, thoughtfully designed products with which to build their dream dungeons.”

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