Holiday Products has announced the release of their 2019-2020 LoveLines Retail & Home Party Catalog.

LoveLines has been the industry’s premier retail and home party catalog for independent home party planners, home party companies, and retail stores for almost 30 years. The catalog is presented in a generic format without pricing, allowing retailers to present this catalog as their own. LoveLines acts as a retailer’s additional product warehouse allowing them to offer consumers an additional 900-plus items without the expense of holding physical inventory.

“The modern consumer wants pleasure products that are made of healthy materials and ingredients; products that have an eye on quality and beauty. Keeping that in mind, we use our top-seller list as a starting point, then select items to fit that consumer-driven criteria,” says senior account manager and product Specialist Molly Romeo. “The result is a curated feel covering a broad mix of manufacturers, with prices to fit every budget.”

Account Manager Tammy Nanawa adds, “I am so happy that our LoveLines 2019-2020 is here!!! This catalog is one of the best sales tools that I have ever had. It is a must-have for every home party planner and storefront,” says account manager Tammy Nanawa. “LoveLines features a fine-tuned collection of best sellers and new fresh product. Just open it up and sell, sell, sell!”

To request your free copy of LoveLines, contact your Account Manager at 800-266-5969, email, or visit