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Pleasure products distributor Holiday Products announced that they have begun shipping Zumio E, a revolutionary clitoral stimulator featuring an innovative elliptical rotation pattern.

The Zumio E joins the pleasure product manufacturer’s other models, Zumio X and Zumio S.

“Whereas the models X and S function with circular rotation, varying in intensity, Zumio E offers a ‘new spin’ on exploration,” says Susanna Molina, Holiday Product’s director of purchasing.

The Zumio E features a curved, rigid stem and small asymmetrical SpiroTip tip designed to offer high-precision stimulation, without the buzzing or numbing sensation sometimes caused by vibration.

The Zumio products utilize the instinctive, natural motions of a precision SpiroTip that stimulates with rotation, not vibration. All three models have been specially designed to adjust their intensity depending on how much pressure you use. Press gently for light stimulation, press firmly for slower, deeper stimulation.

“This is exciting territory for us here at Zumio,” adds Zumio’s CMO Joan Highet. “The Zumio E offers consumers a whole new way to customize their exploration and pleasure.”

To help introduce Zumio E to consumers, Holiday Products is facilitating giveaway contests for their retailer customers to create awareness on social media. They are also offering store support in the form of a tester program.

To join the Zumio Pleasure Revolution, you can contact a Holiday Account Manager at 800-266-5969, visit holidayproducts.com, or email sales@holidayproducts.com.

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