Article by Alex Aho

This educational article shares a banquet of Expression Wellness and Pleasure Products.

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(Note: This story appears in the April 2023 issue of SE Magazine

The pleasure product industry is in a unique position to serve those shopping for gender expression and affirmation products. The adult pleasure product space has long been an outlet and facilitator for identity exploration, and today, there are more opportunities to service those needs than ever, and only growing. Listed here are a variety of items manufactured by pleasure product brands that contribute to gender expression, trans and nonbinary pleasure, and post-op sexual health.


Packers are a lifelike set of penis and testicles, not as erect as a dildo but featuring all the realistic details, offering the feel of having a penis. Usually made of TPE or silicone, they slip into a pair of snug-fitting underwear to rest comfortably against the body. Wearers often prefer jock-style underwear or briefs, but some companies offer underwear-style packer harnesses that are designed to securely hold packers for comfortable wear under clothing. Packer variations include stand-to-pee (STP) models with a form-fitting opening and hollow center for standing urination. Consider offerings from Gender X by Evolved, Tantus, and POP Dildo.

Strap-Ons & Harnesses

Strap-on play grants and enhances the ability to enjoy penetrative sex by attaching a dildo to the body. It allows wearers to enjoy new positions and dynamics they may not be able to without. There are more harness varieties today than ever, with light, form-fitting underwear-style harnesses, like the Lingerie Harness collection from Strap-On-Me by Lovely Planet and the Em.Ex collection by Sportsheets allowing for comfortable long-term wear under clothing.

Humping & Grinding Toys

Humping and grinding is as gender neutral of a sexual act as kissing. For users looking to branch away from such gendered sex toy titles as “male masturbators,” soft, textured humping and grinding saddle vibrators and squishy pocket strokers like the ROMP Wave or Rocks-Off NIYA N5 allow for sexual gratification for all anatomies without the charged language adapted by some toy styles.


For users who have undergone vaginoplasty, surgeons prescribe dilators to prevent closure and promote vaginal elasticity. Dilators are smooth, slim, rigid cylinders with rounded, tapered tips that are inserted and held in the vagina for directed periods of time to maintain vaginal health. Usually coming in sets of graduated sizes, like the Blush Wellness 4-Piece Dilator Kit, regular usage helps to ensure comfort in penetration.

Bottom Growth Strokers  

For those who have undergone bottom growth during testosterone therapy, specialized strokers like the Pack ‘n’ Jack by Buck’d are optimized for masturbation. With a tighter opening than most penis toys, bottom growth strokers envelop the neophallus, sometimes with textured interiors, to grip and massage in an optimized masturbation experience.

Because of the intimate nature of pleasure products, customers must develop trust in their retailer to shop there. By stocking gender expression products, retailers and distributors are welcoming interested shoppers and demonstrating support in their journey for pleasure and sexual wellness.

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