Le Wand is venturing into a new product category, putting its signature touch on crystal massagers. The new Le Wand Crystal Collection features three distinctly shaped wands to choose from as well as Crystal Yoni Eggs, all of which are available in beautiful rose quartz and black obsidian.

Chosen for their calming, healing properties, rose quartz and black obsidian promote intimacy and help users feel the most comfortable during their sensual experiences. Rose quartz is said to aid in the healing of emotional wounds and helps to attract love and romance. Black obsidian is believed to cleanse negativity while promoting stamina and vigor.

“Many consumers are looking for more natural options and spiritual connection to their pleasure tools,” COTR founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair Rosen says. “Crystal is a material that can last for many years, making it a more sustainable product. We’re thrilled to be able to offer this option to both retailers and end customers alike.”

The new Le Wand Crystal Collection features an assortment of pleasure tools to explore. The Crystal Yoni Eggs can be used by themselves for experienced users and also come with a silicone sleeve for easy removal. The Crystal G Wand is designed to offer the ultimate G-Spot stimulation with its curved shaft and bulbous tip that provides a satisfying fullness.

The Crystal Slim Wand features a slim shaft and pointed tip that can be used to tickle, please and tease — both externally and internally. It can be paired with the included silicone ring to add additional external stim while the toy is inserted. Le Wand also offers the Crystal Wand, featuring a girthier width, that can be used for relaxing massages all over the body and for satisfying internal massage. The Crystal Wand also comes with a silicone ring that can be applied at the base of the wand to provide an external massage while it’s inserted.

In addition to added accessories, each item in the Crystal Collection comes with a travel bag, Crystal Pleasure Tool Care Instructions, and a hardcover Guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools,

“As with every product category, we’re fully committed to elevating the expectation, as well as educating our customers how to use, care for, and enjoy Crystal pleasure tools,” Sinclair Rosen says. “Our Crystal products are a complete experience, which includes our beautifully illustrated hardcover ‘Guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools.’ Knowledge empowers pleasure and we’re proud to share this educational tool in the packaging of every Crystal product.”

Designed with pleasure in mind for all bodies, Le Wand embraces and champions intimacy for all with powerful, versatile pleasure tools that insist on bringing you to the next level.

For more information, visit LeWandMassager.com and follow Le Wand on Instagram. For sales, email sales@cotrinc.com.