If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Lingerie retail stores can now display the beautiful and provocative products from Magic Silk and Male Power to scintillating effect. Their advertising posters are vivid, vibrant and versatile.

These eye-catching graphics are mounted on sturdy acrylic board and generously sized at 2’ X 2’. They are gorgeous, high-gloss images that demand attention and perfectly coordinate with packaged products, enabling you to show off the company’s ultra-sexy undergarments to breathtaking effect.

Posters are available for all brands and collections, including Exposed, Male Power, Lust, Love & Bondage, Dress Up Costumes, Sexy Time, Leather, Panties and Queen Size. They all feature stunning models posed against colorful backgrounds, wearing the most beautifully designed fashions the industry has to offer. Artistic brand logos are imprinted on the top left of each individual photo. And best of all, they come free with your order.   

The finest intimate apparel deserves extravagant exposure. Posters from Magic Silk and Male Power are picture perfect.


David Handsman